Breakfast Links: Libya, Day of the Girl, Surges, Debates, Incest


Mark Thiessen: The Real Scandal About Libya

Bloomberg: Please stop marrying children

George Will: Obama’s Selective Defense of the Constitution

Romney’s Surge and the Pro-Obama Press:

For the past several months the pro-Obama press — which is most of it — has been portraying Romney in the harshest possible light. The standard account depicts him as a dog-abusing, woman-hating, position-switching former childhood bully and longtime corporate raider who sends jobs overseas while destroying them at home so he can buy another car elevator for his garage and another horse for his wife.

Also, many in the media say, he hasn’t provided enough policy specifics. This from the crowd that swooned with delight over a 2008 campaign based on “hope” and “change.”

New York Times: The #1 Rule When VP Candidates Meet in Battle

Study: One-Third Of Under-30’s Have No Religious Affiliation

Nouriel Roubini: The Perfect Storm for the Global Economy

Director Nick Cassavetes – Don’t make such a big deal about incest!

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