Breakfast Links: Women & Swing States, Finger Pointing, Supremes and ID Laws, 47% Problems, Town Halls, Found Wanting


Susan Page: Women Push Romney to Lead in Swing States (Gallup/USA Today Poll)

Scott Conroy: Town Hall Format Could Pose Challenge for Romney

Greg Sargent: Romney’s 47 Percent Problem

Peter Morici: Economy, Debates Reveal Obama, Biden Haven’t Got What It Takes

Howard Fineman: Where to Point the Finger if Obama Loses

Adam Liptak: Supreme Court to Review Arizona Voter ID Law

Catalina Camia: Jesse Jackson Jr. Under Criminal Investigation

Ben Hirschler/Alessandra Prentice: Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Can Recover

James Kanter/Thomas Erdbrink: EU Sanctions Tighten on Iran Nuclear Ambitions

Michael Day: Costa Concordia Black Box Reveals Confusing Orders

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