Harry Potter's Moving On Up!

It must be the least serious entry we have had here at the Evangelical Gateway blog (and by the way, we will probably be changing our name and address soon), but I wanted to report that the Harry Potter essay, warning of the grave dangers Harry Potter poses to children, goats and independent convenience stores, [Read More…]

Will Our Tax Dollars Pay for Abortions in the New Health Care Regime?

Especially in light of the material posted today on the question of the “right to life” versus the “right of abortion”–as well as the extraordinary story of Eliot, whom many parents might have aborted–it is worth keeping an eye on the machinations in Congress over whether abortion, under the proposed government health care reform, would [Read More…]

New Material on Evangelical Portal at Patheos

We have some great new material up on the Evangelical Portal at Patheos.  Click on the link to go to articles on: – Evolution as a Witness to the Glory of God – The Need to Choose to be Chosen, or to Choose Your Calling – A discussion from Daniel Harrell of Park Street Church [Read More…]

99 Balloons: A Winsome Witness to Faith

Evangelism has certainly gained a bad reputation.  The very word itself is stained with negative connotations.  At its worst, evangelism comes across as oppressive and belligerent, a dictation of truth and refusal to hear from the Other.  At its best, however, evangelism is “one bum telling another bum where he found bread.”  Evangelism was long [Read More…]

Morning Report, July 31: Charity, Circumcision, Half-Brained Babies, and Virgins

[If you’re looking for the Harry Potter essay, scroll down, or go here.] 1.  This essay on First Things crafts a clear and helpful distinction between charity and tolerance.  This is a part of what Kierkegaard gets at when he says that the Christian concept of love is quite different, and sometimes even diametrically opposed, [Read More…]