Morning Report, July 24: Cultural Sins, Approval Ratings, and Tiger Woods

1.  In yesterday’s Morning Report, I referred to the story of four boys aged 9-13 who bound and raped an 8-year-old girl in a community of Liberian refugees in Phoenix, Arizona.  Stories like this are always horrible, but what is especially noteworthy in this case is the reaction of the parents, who blame their daughter [Read More…]

Further Reflections on Executive Compensation

A reader who comments on my article on executive compensation, “The Executive and the Cross,” refers to the extravagant amounts of money given also to entertainers and sports stars.  I’m glad this was added, since it was something I intended to mention but forgot.  If I should criticize John Thain for making $83M in a [Read More…]

Morning Report, July 23

1.  President Obama explained the reasoning behind his push for health care reform in a prime-time presser last night.  He said nothing new, but presented his argument in his usual smooth and eloquent manner.  The only surprise came near the end, when he took a question on the arrest of Skip Gates in Cambridge, Mass.  [Read More…]

New Material on Faith@Work

At the evangelical portal at Patheos, the conversation continues on Christian faithfulness in the secular work world.  Click here to check it out. Two articles are especially worth mentioning today.  The first is from one of my best friends, a man of exceptional talents who has been extremely successful at an executive consulting firm.  He [Read More…]

Morning Report, July 22

1.  One gets the impression that health care reform is at a tipping point.  Either the reluctant moderates will buckle under or be bought off and some reform package (it’s worth recalling that there is nothing complete on the table as of yet, mostly because the Senate cannot figure out how to fund the thing) [Read More…]