The Gift of Homosexuality?

This video is a really interesting conversation piece for evangelicals, and for Christians generally: My question is: what would you say to Mel White, given the opportunity? Of course, this ties in well with the subject at Patheos’ Public Square this week.  Here’s the editorial piece that links to all the other articles. [Read more...]

Morning Report, July 10

First of all, Happy Birthday to Jean Cauvin, otherwise known as John Calvin!  Born in France in 1509, Calvin was trained as a lawyer, but encountered the writings of Luther and broke with the Catholic church in the 1520s.  After violence forced the Protestants out of France, Calvin fled to Switzerland, where, in 1536, be [Read More...]

Is Greed Good? An Appetizer.

Soon Patheos will begin a discussion of greed, faith and the economy on the Public Square. I thought I would offer an appetizer before the main course.  The question is posed provocatively, as “Is Greed Good?”  Although this is sometimes taken as the motto of some economic conservative, it actually comes from Gordon Gekko: The [Read More...]

Christians in the News: Week in Review

Pope Benedict XVI is calling for stronger business ethics and a “true world political authority” in order to address corruption, underdevelopment, and the gap between rich and poor countries.  The new papal encyclical, “Charity in Truth,” highlights the need for wealthy nations to help poor nations, for example by sharing medical knowledge more freely (a [Read More...]

Morning Report

Massachusetts, the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, filed suit against the Defense of Marriage act, which President Clinton signed into law back in 1996.  We have an extensive discussion of same-sex marriage at Patheos right now in the Public Square.  Check it out.  One of the most interesting articles, I thought, was this one, [Read More...]