Reading Recommendation: A Logical Refutation of Branham’s Message

7 Church Ages

I received an email today from Nathan Rivera, a former believer who was born and raised in the Message. He has written a book titled A Logical Refutation of Branham’s Message, which you can download and read as a PDF.

Nathan also has a blog which can be reached here:

I have read Nathan’s book and highly recommend it. He has conducted research into several of Branham’s claims to divine revelation and supernatural power. One of the very interesting things that I learned from him is that Branham’s own book, The Seven Church Ages, was substantially plagiarized from Clarence Larkin’s The Book of Revelation (1919). If you’re curious, or if you have lingering fears that Branham might really have been inspired by God, I suggest having a look at Nathan’s book. If you’re interested, too, in countering Branham’s hurtful, illogical diatribes against women, you’ll enjoy Nathan’s eloquent response.

Well done, “brother”!

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