Eagle Cry Radio Cries Some More

The Eagle Cry Radio logo, complete with disembodied eagle head and Branham’s microphone.

Joseph Branham’s reactionary letter to the WHAS11 news story on William Branham and the Message has been reprinted on the website of Eagle Cry Radio, an all-Message internet-based radio group. Their headline is “Bro. Joseph Branham Responds to Local News Report About the Message Being a Cult.” Funny, because the actual news report never called the Message a cult. Freudian slip?

I checked out their Facebook page (seriously, I need to re-examine the things I do for fun!) and have found that they’re now “warning” Message believers away from the website and facebook group “Seek Ye The Truth,” which was linked on the original news report. Seek Ye the Truth, as far as I can tell, is an evangelical website and forum maintained by an ex-Message believer for other walkaways who remain evangelicals. It appears to be similar to John Kennah’s forum. I’ve reprinted the Eagle Cry Radio warning below:

WARNING: Please watch out for this group called Seek The Truth – William Marrion Branham Community. THIS IS NOT A MESSAGE GROUP. This group directs you to the group moderator’s website which slanders Bro Branham and his ministry. A couple of you have liked this group already therefore adding yourselves in his group.

God forbid anyone in the Message be exposed to other Christians. The horror!
Also, “a couple of you have liked this group already”? Hello, Big Brother. If the Message is true, why are you so afraid believers will read what nonbelievers write? How are they even supposed to defend their faith if they aren’t allowed to know what “the enemy” thinks?

A screenshot of a screenshot = a meta-screenshot. Click image for larger view.

As for the constant cries of “slander!” – here’s what John Kennah had to say about the news story:

One more thing: It seemed that this story presented the Message more as a curiosity than the danger it really poses.  I’m somewhat concerned that stories like this may do more harm than good by creating more positive interest in the Message when there was little or none before.

If it really was slander, shouldn’t Message walkaways be happier about it?

While we’re at it:

Eagle Cry Radio has willfully put its talon in its beak by reprinting this ridiculous article from LifeSite News:
Gay “Non-Discrimination” Bill Could Lead to Persecution of Chilean Christians
From what I can glean from this (SERIOUSLY NOT OBJECTIVE) journalism (that Joseph Branham’s ilk apparently imbibe all the time happily when it isn’t about them) is that conservative Christians are terrified that they’ll have to allow gay parents to adopt kids. Apparently, limiting their ability to impose their beliefs about marriage on others is “persecution.” No wonder the Message blogosphere exploded with foreboding comments about “the squeeze” (the last persecution of true believers) when the Louisville news station dared to call attention to their existence.

I, for one, welcome a world in which “it’s our religion” is not accepted as an excuse for prejudice.

And, finally, there’s this beautifully hypocritical little article that tells Message believers how to hide their Facebook activities so other people don’t think they’re backslidden:
Are Your Facebook Updates Humiliating You as a Believer? 
Not featured: don’t actually look at things that would humiliate you as a believer; or, admit you don’t have a problem with the things you’re looking at. I guess either of those would be too honest.

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  • Arthur

    The actual article didn’t call it a cult, but the 30-second teaser ad prior to the article did. Well, it said “that some call one of the world’s biggest cults” I think is how it said it. Personally, I don’t know how anyone could objectively look at the definition of a cult and not think this is one. Walks like a duck…

    • http://nonprophetmessage.wordpress.com Sierra

      Thanks for clarifying that. I must have forgotten what the trailer said after watching the full video. Also, it’s good to hear from you again. :)

  • http://jw-thoughts.blogspot.com JW

    This stuff about William Branham causes me to reflect about my own little encounter with this thing. I met a guy at an old job who was a follower. I used to read a Gideon’s bible from time to time at work and he noticed. We talked and he challenged me about the Nature of God. Specifically Trinity. Eventually he invited me to his church so I went. I like to visit other places for the ‘culture’ experience of it.

    This church met in a double wide trailer in a residential neighborhood in Riverview Florida. The pastor was apparently someone who worked close with Willaim Branham and stayed in a bedroom until his time to come out. There was a group of maybe 20 people in there. Afterward they went to eat like a majority of church people do. Later I read more about this William guy and all of the stuff his followers claim about him yet the one thing I never forget is how this guy from work tried to tell me about the nature of God. He said the Trinity is pagan and that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are offices but the title is Jesus. He said in the same way that I am a brother, son, and a nephew but my name is John. I thought, yeah, this sounds slick but it is not correct.

    I have wondered about the halo looking thing in a photo behind Branham’s head.


    • http://nonprophetmessage.wordpress.com Sierra

      Yep, that’s the way I was taught to understand the Trinity, too. I thought this was a completely unique thing to the Message until I learned about Unitarianism.

      I personally think the “pillar of fire” was an overhead lamp in the venue where he was preaching, but there are other theories. :)