The Modesty Myth: a new series on From Two to One

Those who remember my series of posts on the modesty doctrine will appreciate the new “Modesty Myth” series on From Two to One. Here is an excerpt from the first post:

In light of some recent discussions in mainstream media and the blogosphere, M and I have been discussing the intersection of modesty, politics, Christian culture, and family life.

  • What does it mean to be modest?
  • Why aren’t men taught as much about modesty as women?
  • Can the tenets of modesty be redeemed in this modern, sex-saturated world?
  • What do Christian feminists think about modesty?
  • How do conservative evangelical women and men think about modesty?
I decided to do some research, reading a lot of articles from a variety of perspectives on modesty. I did a few interviews (i.e., coffee and phone dates) with friends about their thoughts on modesty. And then I began to write. And write some more.  This week, I’ll post my preliminary findings and thoughts on what I am calling The Modesty Myth: the myth that women can prevent men from lusting after them and that the state of a woman’s soul is partially determined by what she wears.
You can read all five posts here:

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  • Meggie

    I find the strangest thing in fundamentalist modesty is that it is purely about how a woman dresses. I was taught modesty was a behaviour. Going to the pub, getting drunk and dancing on a table top is not modest. Going to the pub, having a glass of wine and chatting with friends is modest. All my tops have long sleeves and high necks and all my skirts are floor length but very few, if any, of my clothes could be described as modest. My daughter, a shorts-tee shirt girl, is far more modest. Most fundys I know act very modestly but they call it “being a good Christian”. When they talk about modesty it is always just applied to clothing and just to the girls. I don’t understand?!

  • from two to one

    Thanks so much, Sierra!

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