Forsberg’s full WHAS11 interview

Those who have followed my comments on the WHAS11 Lousiville story on William Branham and the Message will be interested to see the full interview of David Forsberg on facebook here. Forsberg is a Message believer from Norway who was interviewed during a visit to Branham’s grave for Easter 2012.

Forsberg’s views on Branham’s resurrection are a little unclear, but the extended footage seems to indicate that he holds a more moderate view of resurrection similar to the one my church preached. In other words, Branham will rise from the dead when all of the other Christians do for the Last Judgment, but not in his own, special resurrection. This is the more common view amongst Message believers, although my church did encounter a few radicals who believe that Branham will rise first to finish his work (“I’ll ride this trail again” is a line they take as prophecy) and then usher in the general resurrection.

Forsberg’s comment about the grave being similar to the empty grave of Jesus at Jerusalem was an odd comparison, but in this context probably means that it’s a special place that Christians visit without expecting to find anything miraculous there.

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