Sexuality and Spanking in Religious Fundamentalism: Two Projects to Join!

Sarah at Who I Am Without You is starting a project on the harmful effects of spanking. In her own words:

I want to compile a collection of stories from victims of spanking. I want young parents to be able to see the issue from words that could someday belong to their child. People who want to participate can write a short post, about 100-300 words in regards to the issue of spanking, and I will post them one at a time into an album on my blog.

My project on Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality is still ongoing, as well. If you’re interested, please email me your answers by this Saturday (June 23). I have already received several heartfelt and thoughtful responses, and I’m excited to share them all with you. Depending on the length and number of submissions, I may post the answers in groups based on similar characteristics.

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