Gospel Coalition’s Jared C. Wilson issues an apology for Doug Wilson post; Rachel Held Evans accepts

Breaking: Whether or not the ripples of the Doug Wilson drama have truly subsided yet, Jared C. Wilson has made a declarative apology for the Gospel Coalition blog post that set it off. Let’s acknowledge that before there’s any more news on the subject. I believe his apology is sincere.

Doug Wilson, not so much.

Rachel Held Evans, for her part, has responded graciously to the apology by saying on facebook, “Thank you, Jared Wilson and The Gospel Coalition for this gesture of humility and strength.”

Meanwhile, Heather at Femina piles on: A note for Rachel Held Evans, who apparently is the Person of Interest for the whole clan, despite the practically innumerable men and women who have commented on the situation.

Later today: back to your regularly scheduled Sexuality Project answers!

[UPDATE: Doug Wilson also apparently posted a quotation from one Robert Farr Capon, which is even more overtly objectifying and horrific in its theory of sex. I have pasted it below the jump. Super huge trigger warning for survivors of rape or sexual abuse, and for any woman who has ever had sex with a man or even thought about it.]

Sex, as commonly conceived, is something a couple do together.  But the sexual act itself is not quite like that.  It is, and remains, something a man does to a woman.  They are not both working at the same thing.  He is giving, she is receiving. He is the lover, she the beloved. Now, if they both set out to “have some Sex,” the whole delicate balance is wrecked, and neither can find his own role.  What is happening is that thedifference we all love so dearly is taking a bad beating.  The wife is being backed into a decreasingly feminine role, even in overtly sexual matters, and the husband is finding that he has less and less of an object to be masculine toward.  He is getting what he wants, but not what he needs.  He asks frequently enough, but he has lost sight of what to ask for; and that is deadly” (Robert Farrar Capon, Bed and Board, p. 51)

No words, ladies and gents.

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  • http://aussiemama.wordpress.com aussiemama

    I’m wondering why they fear Rachel Held Evans more than all the others. :)

    • http://www.fromtwotoone.com from two to one

      Wade Burleson, a moderate pastor, actually criticized Jared Wilson’s article before Rachel, but much of the outrage and blame for rocking the boat was targeted at Rachel. They fear Rachel more because as a woman she is a greater threat to their privileged status quo of power.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    We get it, Doug Wilson, your sex life is really boring. You don’t need to keep telling us. :-P

    • http://www.purposedrivel.com terriergal

      This whole thing reeks of Driscoll. Why are these men so obsessed? Do their wives like to see them online writing about sex? REALLY? Oh I forgot. They must submit to that, because it’s right to do so, even if the guys are wrong. Maybe if they actually just quit bragging about their understanding of sex, and instead focused on the gospel (and therefore God’s kingdom) all these things would be ‘added unto’ them.


  • http://www.fromtwotoone.com from two to one

    OH DEAR GOD HELP US (said with complete sincerity). Just read Doug Wilson’s post…well, couldn’t finish all of it but I read enough.

  • http://dream-wind.livejournal.com Christine

    I can’t help wondering what dear ole Doug would make of me… I’m a happily Asexual woman. The thought of a man “doing” something like that to me is absolutely abhorrent.

    • http://gravatar.com/lucamar sillyluis

      Probably the same he would of me (an asexual man.) He would say we’re either:Sorely, sinfully misguided, – or -Aberrant non-entities

  • minnie

    What I see is these christian men are extremely insecure about their manhoods, as well they should be. No one acts more like an hysterical ninny then a christian man when he gets-to-thinking about his manhood. They are maniac about their feeble manhoods, if they have to constantly be reminding themselves and their misogynistic rube sons about their manhoods does that not speak valumes about their so called manhoods.

    Doug Wilson is a sexually abusive creep, I think he and Warren Jeffs would be fast friends.