I would read anything written by ________

I received a survey from the editorial team at this magazine in the mail yesterday. They were looking for information about my response to the most current issue, as well as seeking to obtain some general feedback about both the magazine and current evangelical topography. One question I particularly liked was the one where they asked me to fill in the blank:

“I would read anything written by _________”

I assumed they meant living authors, since the survey came from a magazine’s editorial team. I began with a few names, but since I completed the survey, a few more contemporary authors’ names have come to mind. My list today:
Donald Miller
Mark Buchanan
Patrician Raybon
Scot McKnight (stuff aimed at general audiences)
Walt Wangerin
Gerald Sittser
Lauren Winner
Jan Karon
Bethany Pierce
Phil Yancey

How would you answer the question?

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  • Anonymous

    Kathleen Norris, author of “Amazing Grace”, “The Cloister Walk” and others.

  • Mar

    Michelle, I love your list because about 50% of the authors are unfamiliar to me. I plan to check them out!


  • Michelle Van Loon

    Kathleen Norris – good add, anon!

    And hey there “mar”!