Imagine that

Just when you think you can imagine how things are going to work in your life…
…your child brings home a flea-bitten stray dog.
…the doorbell rings at 2:30 a.m.
…you discover a hidden stash in your son’s sock drawer
…you open the envelope
…you lose your balance
…words jump off the page and upend your thinking
…the doctor walks into the room holding your file open
…you overhear a conversation you weren’t meant to hear
…your husband leaves
…or wants to come home
…a miracle occurs
…or heaven seems silent
…you get an offer you can’t refuse

The last one on the list happened to me a week ago. Next Tuesday, I begin my new job as the interim Director of Worship Arts at Trinity International University, producing 5 chapel services a week, mentoring students, and more. Prayer, worship, learning, life together…

I’m humbled, in a new place of dependence, and the bearer of an unquenchable longing to honor God in all things.

I’d sure value your prayers.
"Childishness, Richard. I keep telling you to try grow up."

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  • Jane Steen

    Welcome to Trinity! I work “up the hill” in the Mansion. I hope you’ll enjoy working here as much as I do, and look forward to meeting you–Jane Steen

  • –julie

    Congrats, Michelle!
    Sounds like a perfect fit for you. The funny thing about how you think your life is going to go, is that when one of those unexpected surprises comes your way, you can look backwards and see how God has been preparing you for it all along. He is so Good!

  • Michelle Van Loon

    Thanks, Jane and Julie!

  • linds

    Sounds like you are fit for the job!

  • Michelle Van Loon

    I’m praying so. Thanks!

    How are you???