Like Being At My Own Funeral, Kind Of

A few months ago, my sister told me she was making me something for my birthday. She does seem to enjoy handyman-type projects like replacing toilets, but I never figured her for a crafter. Her gift box arrived last week, and a CD and flash drive of this 5 minute, 29 second video was inside:

She’d snagged pictures from my facebook account and combined them with some from her own photo albums. I cried like a baby at the effort she’d put in on this – and the memories. I told her that it kind of reminded me of a video you might see at a funeral. I’m glad and honored I had a chance to watch it. At funerals, the subject of the video is usually in a casket. I am alive and well, and wept with joy as I watched my life pass before my eyes.

It is one of the most unexpected and lovely gifts I’ve ever received.


"Childishness, Richard. I keep telling you to try grow up."

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  • Tim

    Happy Birthday, Michelle! What a wonderful family you’ve got, in all the generations. Was that a ‘fro you were rocking in one of the early pics?



    P.S. My wife and I are each turning 53 on our next bdays too. We’ve got a few months to go, but we’ll catch up with you soon!

    • Michelle Van Loon

      Rockin’ my Jewfro in high school. Oh yes! 🙂

      Thanks, Tim. Hooray for us late-era boomers!

    • Tim

      P.S. New guest piece at Kim Kirby’s place:
      Hope you get a chance to take a look.