Speaking of regret: a helpful infographic

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God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life!


In researching the theme of regret for my book, I learned that a whole lot of us carry regrets about the choices we make as we launch into adulthood. At that stage, we're building our lives via both relationships and educational/career choices. Every time we make a decision to take a step in one direction, we close the door on a number of other options. After all, we can't be in two (or more) places at once.I remember being paralyzed by this notion when I was in my late teens and early … [Read more...]

Two Wildly Different, Strangely Similar Books Asking One Question: Who Am I?

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It's complicated.No, that's not a Facebook update on my relationship status.* Recently, I wrote a short bit as part of a group post for the Her.meneutics blog about the need to embrace complexity in our understanding of maturing faith. There's complexity, then there's the borderlands just beyond complexity. Those lands have names like Chaos, Confusion, and "It's Complicated".Recently, I read two books that captured the complicated nature of being a Jewish person in an Evangelical … [Read more...]

Faith Unsettled

It was an honor to put my head together with two women with deep faith and a gift for insight (who each happen to have wonderful new books out this summer) for the following post. Jen Pollock Michel kicks things off here, and Marlena Graves wraps things up, and my words are in the middle. I'll clip a bit of Jen's words to launch you - click on the link for the full post on today's Her.meneutics blog. * * * * * * * Like a lot of writers, I read about the writing life. (A little bit of company … [Read more...]

Independence Day At A Central IL Cemetery

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post here about the graveyard that abuts the property on which our small townhome/apartment development was built. Every time I visit these strangers, I realize how much I want to visit the graves of my own family members. Some are buried in a swampy Jewish cemetery in south Florida. Some are in New York. And some are buried in Peoria, Illinois.My grandmother, Leah Cohen Marks, was found dead in her tiny tw0-bedroom home on Independence Avenue in Peoria on … [Read more...]

Blog Tour Finish Line / A Peek Ahead

The final posts from the epic If Only journey `round the web are below:Aleah Marsden offers a review, a remembrance and a reflection - all in one witty post at DepthOfTheRiches.com. And wise friend Judy Allen reviews If Only at ConnectingDotsToGod.com.And Leslie Sholly is running a give-away in conjunction with her thoughts about her if only's at Life In Every Limb.You can check out the earlier pit stops on this virtual road trip here and here.A huge thanks to Rachel and team at … [Read more...]

It’s not a give-away, it’s a “gift away”

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You know that "Five Love Languages" thing? Those books and seminars that tell you how you and those you know are wired to demonstrate and receive love? Well, according to the little quiz in the back of the very first book written in the series, one of my primary love languages is gift giving.I'll buy that.Today is the release date of If Only: Letting Go Of Regret. It's been available for a few weeks (here, here, and here for starters), but now it's really, truly, officially available. … [Read more...]