My 3:30 AM Husband

True confession: I have a slight case of bigamy going.Relax. I've never actually met my other "husband" in person. Though I have been married to the same man since 1979, I have logged quite a few hours over the years—usually between midnight and 5 a.m.—with my other “husband”, Peter Francis Geraci.Mr. Geraci is a Midwestern bankruptcy lawyer who runs TV commercials in the long hours between midnight and dawn. Let's be honest. Our one-way relationship (he talks and I listen) would never wo … [Read more...]

Church Leader: What Happens To You When You Quit After Conflict?

When I read sad posts like this one from a former church leader who slowly awoke to the fact that something was terribly wrong at the top level of his organization, tried to reform it, and ended up leaving the congregation, I feel for the author. Been there. Twice. In both cases, we ended up leaving the congregation. When I think of the years my husband and I devoted to meetings, prayer, discussion, meetings, letters, more meetings, phone calls, and emotionally-draining and time-sucking drama … [Read more...]

40+ And The Church / When Christian Ambition Fades To Gray

I was in a room with a bunch of young pastors-in-training, and commented to a friend that I could feel the testosterone in the air even though there were a number of women present."That's not testosterone you're sensing," he told me. "It's ambition."As I observed the body language among the group (so many firm two-handed handshakes!), and listened to snatches of conversation, I realized my friend was right. Many of those in the room were anxious to impress the others around them, and … [Read more...]

New Kid In Class

"Are you gonna blog about going back to school?"Since I announced last month that I was accepted as a student at Northern Seminary, I've had a number of people ask me if I was going to write about the experience. Though I've been blogging since 2006 and attempt to write honestly about many facets of my life, particularly when it comes to matter of faith and practice, my first inclination was to tell people, "I will blog about school once I have a couple of classes under my belt and once I … [Read more...]

Into The (Uncertain) Future

I attend a women's Bible study at a church near my home. This fall, we'll be looking at how God works in the process of transition in our lives. We're using the book of Ruth, along with some of the psalms her grandson David wrote, as the foundation for the study. I'm looking forward to facilitating three of the sessions for this thoughtful, reflective group.In a lovely little convergence, I was asked to write a short devotional (below) on the theme of transition for the most recent Caspari … [Read more...]

Gifts Of A Pilgrim’s Road Trip Church Journey

For several years, I served as the Communications Director for a ministry that networked Evangelical and a few Mainline congregations for purposes of service/outreach, learning, fellowship, and prayer. Someone once asked me what it was like to interact with people of so many different doctrinal convictions and practices. I told the person I felt as though my life had uniquely prepared me for the job because my husband and I (and our kids, when they were still living at home) had been a part of … [Read more...]

The “C” Word: Prayer Request For Some Friends

I walked out of a meeting on Tuesday afternoon and checked my phone for messages. The moment I heard my friend Teri's wavering voice asking me to call her back, I had that sinking feeling - you know, the one that hits you in the belly just as the roller coaster is coming over that first hill after the long, slow climb to the top. I punched her number, and she greeted me with the words, "Pam has breast cancer."Pam, 27, is Teri's daughter and is the mother of two young children. She's been … [Read more...]