Should The Church Be In The Marrying Business?

I really wish the Church would rethink her role in the marriage business in this country.(And yes, I chose the word "business" on purpose.)In light of the June 26 Supreme Court rulings about the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 in California, a few more voices joined the small choir of those who suggest that the civil/contractual nature of a marriage partnership is a different matter than that of a spiritual covenant made between two people in the context of their faith … [Read more...]

Summer Reading Snapshots: What Are YOU Reading?

I am a sucker for a free book. I'll admit it. If you click on the sidebar of this blog and look at my "categories" column, you'll see that I've got a long-standing habit of reviewing books in order to feed my free book habit.(You might be wondering if I've ever heard of a place called a library where I can get all the free books I want. Yes, I've heard of it, and the town in which I live has a really good one. I plan on stopping there today, in fact.)It occurred to me that it's been … [Read more...]

Just For Fun: What I’ve Learned From Watching ‘Chopped’

Lime mayonaise, pinto beans, tinned anchovies, oatmeal and one antique frozen chicken breast are the extent of the ingredients in my house. It's been an action-packed week. I haven't been to the grocery store It's been a while.I could order a pizza, but the thought of spending $17 for a lukewarm pizza in a damp cardboard box didn't do a thing for me.I am a regular watcher of Chopped, the Food Network show where professional chefs are given baskets with some of the … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Guided Silent Retreat Invite

If you're a woman living in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, watch this space for information about an upcoming guided silent retreat slated for the end of September. I'll have an official flyer available after the 4th, but thought I'd give you a sneak peek today.Date: Friday, September 27–Saturday, September 28Place: Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford, IL. Each retreatant will have her own room and bathroom in this facility.Cost: (still working on it – stay tuned).Facilitators: M … [Read more...]

When You Say The Church Has Replaced Israel…

When I used to hear Christian speakers glibly toss out statements like, "The Church has replaced Israel" as if they were chucking an empty fast food bag into the trash, I would inwardly cringe, but didn't always have the opportunity to challenge the speaker. The last time I checked,  leaping onto a chair in the middle of a church service,  calling a foul and diving into a theological debate was not socially acceptable. I'm glad to know that Jesus himself challenged a bad idea or two during his m … [Read more...]

Out To The Margins: Mona Boelens

MTV's Teen Mom ran for four seasons, was known for hyped-for-the-camera drama, occasional off-camera tabloid headlines featuring some of the program's stars, and for giving some of the show's viewers a wake-up call salacious glimpse at what young women and men (and their babies) face when they become parents too soon. The reality show was not a public service announcement, however. The key piece of reality is that the show was created as entertainment, sold to advertisers and consumed by … [Read more...]

Exodus International And The Opportunity to Look Ourselves In The Mirror

"Heterosexuality will not get you into heaven." – Pastor Tim Keller (HT Katelyn Beaty) Yesterday's apology from Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, followed by the announcement that the organization would shut down, has sparked emotional reaction from many quarters. Google the story if you're looking for a sampling of what people are saying today.I don't want to add lots more words to this conversation, but I do want to make a few quick observations for those of us " … [Read more...]