Something new under the sun

Please check it out:'ll be posting there, and adding links to those posts here. A new adventure begins!  … [Read more...]

Out To The Margins: Don and Kathy (Part 2)

In yesterday's post (click here), I introduced Don and Kathy Groesser, a couple with three young children with whom we worshipped two decades ago. A lot has happened in our respective lives since then. In the case of the Groessers, they became a family of 14. Their convictions about allowing God to plan their family led them to the margins of the Evangelical world as they connected with the homeschooling/large family subculture.Once they arrived at those borderlands, their faith journey took … [Read more...]

Out To The Margins: Don and Kathy (Part 1)

Over the years, I've written about some of the odd or unhealthy trends I've witnessed in Evangelicalism. I've annoyed a few people along the way, but have also learned that there are a lot more people who want to ask questions and share their own experiences. They may not always comment publicly, but I get emails and messages that tell me that I am not the only one with questions about the emperor's clothier.I can't not ask those questions. (Yes, I intended that double negative.) The … [Read more...]

Pilgrim’s Road Trip #9 – Jacob, Joseph and the ping of a GPS

We live as exiles. We’re called to be pilgrims.I am journeying through Scripture chronologically in order to explore our exile experience. I’ll also offer some helpful thoughts about how Christ can reshape that identity and reorient our journey so we live as pilgrims. To read earlier posts in the series, go to the “Blog Categories” pull-down menu in the right column of this screen and click on “Pilgrim’s Road Trip”. * * * * * * * Who doesn't love the arc of Joseph's story, found in Genesis 37-5 … [Read more...]

Does that baggage belong to you?

When you've been all over the Evangelical map, picking up random pieces of mismatched baggage along the way (Where did I score this hideous olive pleather tote bag, anyway?), you have two choices. You and your ugly luggage can head for the nearest exit ramp in hopes you can find a flea market where you can sell the lot of it, hoping to make enough profit to buy yourself a Happy Meal. Or you can recognize the baggage for what it is: the souvenirs of your journey as a pilgrim. Oh, that luggage … [Read more...]

Women’s ministry 2.0?

The only "chocolate" was a platter of brownies next to the churros and fruit on the dessert table. There was no gimmickry of a spa- or scrapbook- or coffee-shop day for the lil' ladies, no pastel-and-lace floral table coverings, no synth-y "special music" for the occasion, no excruciating ice-breaker games, and no motivational speaker whose purpose was to ambush our sentiments instead of feeding our minds and stretching our souls.Instead of kvetching too much about the old paradigm, I'd like … [Read more...]

I am the church

Though my husband and I are still attending a congregation in our former neck of the woods, a good 40-45 minutes away, we do wonder if it makes sense to continue to do so. Our move last summer placed us in an area home to the main campuses of two well-known megachurches (Willow Creek Community Church and Harvest Bible Chapel), satellite campuses of these churches as well as least two other franchise-generating multi-site churches. There are a handful of smaller churches in the area, but the … [Read more...]