ColbyI currently write for Patheos on my blog The Poisoner’s Apothecary.  The name is misleading because I write about a lot more than poisonous plants and flying ointments.  Just like the Poison Path, there is much more to my blog.  My interests range from alchemy and astrology to the history of witchcraft and pre-Christian religion.  I have always had an affinity with plants and their use in magic and ritual has been a large portion of my studies.  I consider myself most at home with the practices of what has become known as traditional witchcraft, but really any magic that has that old world arcane feel to it.  Simple tools and rituals and images of the Witches’ Sabbath resonate with me.  The secret use of plants and the strange spirits that inhabit them are all part of this repertoire.

I recently self-published a collection of research called The Poisoner’s Pocket Guide.  I hope for it to continue into a trilogy expanding on the triple nature of the Poison Path through the planetary archetypes of Saturn, Mercury and Venus as the patron deities of Witchcraft and Sorcery.  Book One begins with Saturn, who is the first farmer who brought agriculture to humanity and later became the spirit of Witchcraft and baneful herbs.  Book One is a collection of lore, formulas, and artifacts that are unique to the practice of the Posioner and Old World Witchcraft.

I have a huge appreciation for historical information when it comes to my studies and my writing, however when it comes to my personal practice I see it as very individual in nature.  My blog is a reflection of this as many of my articles present historical fact and information when it comes to mythology and folklore.  Many of my articles are my own speculations in regards to obscure pieces of folklore and how they apply to a modern practicing witch.