A Disturbing Mix

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of film The Handmaid is. It’s definitely a good one, but is it a drama, a thriller, a revenge film, a black comedy? That the film keeps the viewer questioning is certainly one of its strengths. In the end, it’s just the type of film our economically stratified times demand. … [Read more...]

The First (and Best) Class

This review of X-Men: First Class is somewhat delayed...but then again, a week on the beaches in Kauai tends to derail much creative energy. Check out my conversation with Tony about one of the best superhero films of all time and one of the more entertaining films of the year after the jump. … [Read more...]

A Bio-Technological Prophet

With all the talk surrounding Harold Camping, the failure of his March 21st rapture prediction, and his new sure-to-fail October 21st prediction, now is the perfect time to watch Transcendent Man, a documentary about futurist, inventor, and prophet, Raymond Kurzweil. … [Read more...]

Krump Theology: Street Kingdom, Faith, and America’s Best Dance Crew

The Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber, pastor of Wake Forest Baptist Church, GTU PhD grad, artist, and dancer extraordinaire, offers a Pop Theology first with her article on krump and theology. More (with videos) after the jump. … [Read more...]

Placing Products & Making Choices

Tony Mills reviews Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary and considers the ways in which product placement and the companies behind them have begun to make our choices for us. Check it out after the jump. … [Read more...]

There's Beauty in those Messy Places

Ordinarily, when observing portraits, most of us might not think about the potentially transformative relationship that could take place between the artist and her subject. Unless instructed otherwise, we most likely dwell on aesthetic concerns, or, if the work is explicitly religious, then we might expand our approach to it accordingly. However, the potential for a transformative relationship between artist and subject is the foundation of both artist Vik Muniz's "Pictures of Garbage" and … [Read more...]

BBC’s Being Human: Monsters in the Closet, Parts 2 & 3

Richard Lindsay undertakes the daunting task of reviewing the entire second and third seasons of BBC's supernatural series, Being Human. … [Read more...]

Of Gods and Leadership

New Pop Theology contributor Tony Mills reviews Thor, the latest Marvel single-character blockbuster leading up to next year's hero-studded team up movie, The Avengers. Check it out after the jump...if you don't mind spoilers. … [Read more...]