Letters to God…Pornographic?

Possibility Pictures is one of the more recent Christian film production studios to emerge in a Post-Sherwood Pictures world.  Their first feature-length film, Letters to God, released in theaters earlier this year, and the DVD hit shelves earlier this month.  I think it's time to create a new genre:  Christian Pornography. … [Read more...]

7 Women: A Review

A couple of days ago, I posted a review of Peter E. Dans' book, Christians in the Movies:  A Century of Saints and Sinners for Patheos' Faith Forward blog.  Dans traces a representational arc that reveals Hollywoods' portrayal of Christians as gradually moving from sacred to the scandalous from the 1920s to the 2000s.  Of course, there are exceptions in each decade, but in general, he makes a fairly compelling argument.  However, he fails to see how more recent cinematic "attacks" on Christians m … [Read more...]

Saving a Genre

Over the past couple of years, I have frequently written and spoken about the potential of Sherwood Pictures to be a influential model for the future of Christian filmmaking.  This influence will come not only through their films, but in the ways in which other communities of faith their production strategies. The first church to respond to the call has been New Song Community Church in Oceanside, CA, whose $500,000 production, To Save a Life, earned $3.7 million at box offices earlier this year … [Read more...]

Being (Really) Human

Pop Theology contributor Richard Lindsay reviews Being Human, the BBC vampire/ghost/werewolf series import currently on its second season on BBCA. … [Read more...]

Get A(n Extra) Life

Later this year, I'll be presenting a paper on the ethical/theological/moral implications of video games.  As luck would have it, a public discussion over whether or not video games qualify as art broke out in on-line and print media over the past few months.  Film critic Roger Ebert oppossed this notion while arguments for it appeared in readers' comments to his posts and in video game publications like Kotaku.com and Game Informer.  Writer, professor, video game addict Tom Bissell's latest bo … [Read more...]

Yes They Are…

Pop Theology contributor Richard Lindsay and I were talking about reviews of mainstream films that feature gay and lesbian couples in lead roles and how reviewers often argue that these films aren't about homosexuality or homsexuals but rather about human beings.  These reviews clearly hope to allay potential viewers' fears about these films being "too gay."  Their emphasis on the humanness of their gay or lesbian characters is somewhat condescending in the process.  So I'll say this straight aw … [Read more...]

The Kids are Definitely NOT All Right

It might be slightly twisted of me I know, but I love it when a film disturbs me.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good inspirational story (maybe not as much as the next person), but there's something about being physically, intellectually, or morally unsettled that, to me, is a potentially more rewarding experience.  Though I don't do much of the new horror films very well (torture porn's detachment from any semblance of reality is troublesome to put it lightly), I am intrigued by Asian shock c … [Read more...]

Shake It

Heather Hendershot's Shaking the World for Jesus:  Media and Conservative Evangelical Culture is one of several recent books that provides an insightful analysis of evangelical Christians' relationship with popular culture.  Like her contemporary, Daniel Radosh, Hendershot also takes a sympathetic approach to the topic, recognizing that evangelicals make significant meaning out of their interactions with and consumption of popular culture, while also being highly critical of its theological and c … [Read more...]