They Eat their Young, Don't They?

In preparation for an upcoming sermon I'm giving on Jacob wrestling with the angel, I've been re-reading some Old Testament commentary. In one source, the authors claim that a central theme of the Jewish creation narrative and God's calling out of Israel to be God's chosen people is one of order out of chaos. This ordered universe is held together, in part, by God's command to mankind to be stewards of the earth and God's covenant that he establishes with Israel. Of course, as we all well know, … [Read more...]

Quo Vadis: Forgotten Classic of the Sword-and-Sandal Genre

Richard Lindsay looks back on the Christian epic, Quo Vadis, after the jump. … [Read more...]

On Religious Tradition and Ecstasy (the drug)

The basic premise of Holy Rollers is interesting enough: an Orthodox Jew gets involved in an international ecstasy smuggling ring. Directors could have taken it in a variety of directions from the hilarity of a Coen Brothers' film to the fast-cut action of a Guy Ritchie film. In this case, director Kevin Asch takes it between the lines in a rather dry approach that offers up surprising opportunities for reflection on themes of sin and forgiveness, community and tradition, and the sacred vs. the … [Read more...]

A Cosmic Melodrama

After some technical difficulties and a "tree of life" experience of my own, I can finally post my and Richard's conversation about/review of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, one that will certainly qualify for 2011's most spiritually significant film of the year and, perhaps, of this next decade. … [Read more...]

A Disturbing Mix

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of film The Handmaid is. It’s definitely a good one, but is it a drama, a thriller, a revenge film, a black comedy? That the film keeps the viewer questioning is certainly one of its strengths. In the end, it’s just the type of film our economically stratified times demand. … [Read more...]

The First (and Best) Class

This review of X-Men: First Class is somewhat delayed...but then again, a week on the beaches in Kauai tends to derail much creative energy. Check out my conversation with Tony about one of the best superhero films of all time and one of the more entertaining films of the year after the jump. … [Read more...]

A Bio-Technological Prophet

With all the talk surrounding Harold Camping, the failure of his March 21st rapture prediction, and his new sure-to-fail October 21st prediction, now is the perfect time to watch Transcendent Man, a documentary about futurist, inventor, and prophet, Raymond Kurzweil. … [Read more...]

Krump Theology: Street Kingdom, Faith, and America’s Best Dance Crew

The Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber, pastor of Wake Forest Baptist Church, GTU PhD grad, artist, and dancer extraordinaire, offers a Pop Theology first with her article on krump and theology. More (with videos) after the jump. … [Read more...]