Quote 9/10, Just Keep Going


I often find the greatest truths in the simplest garden lessons… The begonia is an amazing plant…it just keeps going along and blooming, and when cut back, it starts up again. ~ Gladys Taber And then there are the Angel Wing begonias…some cultivars are modest in revealing their beauty, hiding it beneath their wings.   [Read more...]

Perils of Digging Potatoes


I’ve been a city-dwelling gardener all my life. I’ve worked on  overgrown lots that hid a multitude of sins, to old suburban back-yards with compacted patchy lawns. When I would begin to transform a landscape I would be unsure of what would be unearthed; one year I dug up a lawn chair. Gardening was done [Read More...]

Thursday’s Prayer for Priests


O Jesus, I pray for Your faithful and fervent priests; for Your unfaithful and tepid priests; for Your priests laboring at home  or abroad in distant mission fields or in fields of war; for Your tempted priests; for Your lonely and desolate priest; for Your young priests; for Your dying priests; for the souls of [Read More...]

A Walk through the Garden

Image from morguefile.com

Today’s walk actually wasn’t…I didn’t feel  well enough to do a lot of walking. Yet I felt an obligation to you, my readers, to post pictures of posies…that’s what I do on Wednesdays. So on my way to rest in the embrace of Our Lord at the Adoration Chapel, I stopped at my favorite greenhouse [Read More...]

Quote 9/3; A Prayer of Humility

A beloved friend, Pat Gohn, who produces the podcast Among Women, suggested  Audrey Assad’s new CD Fortunate Fall. Pat’s recommendation couldn’t have come at a better time–I needed to hear Audrey’s music, especially track #6, I shall Not Want. That composition comes from the Litany of Humility,  a prayer I cling to.   Litany of [Read More...]

Hummer at Work

humming bird rose of sharon

It was mid-morning and the sun had finally dissolved the fog from the cool damp night. I saw that some of the leaves still glistened with dampness. Making the bed I pulled the white and periwinkle quilt up and over the pillows and glanced out the upstairs window. The blue Rose-of-Sharon grows just below. Moving about [Read More...]

Thursday’s Prayer for Priests


Jesus, Eternal Priest, look down with love upon your priests. Fill them with burning zeal for the conversion of sinners. Keep them within the shelter of your Sacred Heart. Keep unstained their anointed hands. which daily touch your Sacred Body. Keep unsullied their lips purpled with your precious Blood. Keep pure and unearthly their hearts sealed with the [Read More...]

A Walk through the Garden

Golden Bleeding Heart resting on Striptease Hosta

We’ve had a lot of rain in the past 24 hours…not much to see in the gardens but a lot of leaf debris. The storms last nights were intense! Lightening strikes and strong winds broke a lot of trees. My Jonagold apple tree took a beating…the canopy collapsed under the storm (kind of hard to [Read More...]

Quote, 8/27, Equus Passage

A sweet little prayer, this comes from the Roman Breviary.  It is one of those shooter-prayers that I carry in my heart and offer for those encountered throughout my day…and God knows, you may have been one of them. I hope you’ll memorize it, too, and pray it often.   May it please you Oh [Read More...]

Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

This is a fun post by Gabby Noone over at Buzz Feed! I am a bit suspicious about how sanitary the spoon would be in #3. Never knew about the Chinese take-out containers. And built in coasters?! Here are just of few of my favorites: 1. You’ve probably been ignoring this feature. View this image › [Read More...]