Like Patience, Don’t Pray for Perseverance!

I’ve said before that I am better able to abstain than moderate—chocolate, cute shoes, rich coffee, television.I’ve learned this month that building a new garden was no different. Once I started, going full-on seemed perfectly fine.The early stages of the garden were worked with mindfulness to my arthritic spine. Then I prayed to persevere and work steady at putting down the ground cloth, bricks, and the next day all of the mulch. Even though it is a small garden, I was laid low...for day … [Read More...]

Pulmonaria Mrs Moon

Seeding the Holy Spirit, Prayers for Sisters and Nuns

Heavenly Father,Today, once more, sow your words in the hearts of our Sisters and Nuns.Till patiently the soil of their souls so they may continue to be fruitful and bring to you a rich harvest. Let their nourished souls bring the Holy Spirit to nourish our lives.We ask all this in Jesus name.Amen.(Image, Pulmonaria 'Mrs. Moon', by Margaret Rose Realy, Obl OSB. All rights reserved.  … [Read More...]

Soloman's seal and cross

Mother has the Patience of a Saint

Silently she stands, peering at me from around a tree as I slog my way through the project. She’s been waiting for me to complete her rose garden.I started it the beginning of May, the month dedicated to our Holy Mother. The idea for a Marian rose garden didn’t originate with me, it was by request. The thought of attempting to garden again was a challenge to how I’ve come to see myself with physical limitations. It felt like a dare, and I usually don’t respond to those. Taking on this project … [Read More...]

shutterstock_75152875 Divine Mercy Sacred Heart

Fire of the Holy Spirit Come as We Pray for Our Priests

As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost remember to call on the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to be showered on our priests, and for that matter, all religious.Jesus, Good Shepherd,You sent us the Holy Spirit to guide Your Church and lead her faithful to You through the ministry of Your priests.Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, grant to Your priests wisdom in leading, faithfulness in teaching, and holiness in guarding Your sacred Mysteries.As they cry out with all the … [Read More...]


The Possession Within, Prayer for Sisters and Nuns

A challenge in our lives as Catholics is to recognize the person of the Holy Spirit within us and discern its guidance. To think that our bodies are its vessel, to truly know this is, well, rather disconcerting at times. Our Sisters and Nuns have come to realize clearly that their lives, their bodies, are not their own on a level we the laity struggle to understand. Let us pray for these holy women persevering in a world contrary to the call of Christianity, that they may always find from within … [Read More...]

Mary Statue

Cutting the Sod, Not Killing Yourself

Mother waits patiently in the shade as the work on her garden continues. The rose bushes were bought and the outline for the bed established several days ago.Now to get rid of the sod. Depending on physical condition, strength and stamina, there are a few options. In my younger days, I would have spaded up the sod, knocked off the soil, and composted the remains. If you have time to wait, solar kill-off with clear plastic is another organic option (among many that will not be discussed … [Read More...]

IMG_7190_p Crown of Thorns love

Tenderhearted Men, Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

Beloved Jesus, hear our prayers for the tenderhearted priests who in their love for you are brought to tears.We pray for our priests whose heart aches at the spiritual sufferings of his flock, and for priests who take on a penance for the penitent just confessed.We pray for our priests to be protected in their joy, when the movements of heaven reduce their grounding of things on earth.Hear us Oh Lord as we pray for these men whose hearts are softened in the ways of the Holy that they … [Read More...]

spring 4

For Growing in Holiness, Prayers for Sisters and Nuns

Precious Lord,We pray this day for our consecrated women that their sanctity continues to increase and that their communities continue to grow so that they may serve those who are in need. We pray that our Sisters and Nuns continue to see you in the least of humanity, but that they also see you in those of power who fail to see you in themselves. We pray that they help bring you to those who are poor and impoverished in body or in spirit. Guide them Lord and grant them boundless … [Read More...]

crabapple-2 Apple Blossoms

I Get My Kicks Finding Bricks

I needed bricks for the Marian rose garden, and for a bird bath feature. I didn’t need a skid and to buy them each, new, well that seemed a bit expensive and silly. What with all the buildings being torn down in town I thought I could find some used, but no such luck there either. A friend’s sister owns a brick business, but she too wanted a buck-a-brick, or there about.After nearly a month I gave up the hunt, decided instead to buy a couple bags of cement and, having colorant and step … [Read More...]


For Strength When Ridiculed, Prayer for Priests

Dear Lord,Hear my prayer for your priests in my life. I pray that they will persevere in their calling in the face of ridicule and hate for the sins of their brothers. I pray that they find strength in you in a world that devalues the purpose of their work, and often sees them as useless and archaic.Sweet Jesus help me remember to thank them for the offering of their lives to lead mine towards you. I am only one small soul of the many that they touch, but may my heart be always grateful … [Read More...]