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Beauty Entering Winter

The snow was yet thin on the lawn, and the gusts of wind kept birds from flight. Even the feeder remained unattended.I watched the squalls swirl past my windows. The cloud breaks to the west allowed the sun’s light to tint the falling snow. Outside the winter-white storm turned a delicate coral. The hermitage glowed as if lit by ten thousand candles. I imagined it to be like the light of heaven and offered prayers for a few friends, recently deceased, that their purgatory be short.From be … [Read More...]

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Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

My day is not starting off well. The furnace has stopped working and its really old. The plumber t00 is coming because, well, plumbing issues. The house is cold, the pipes are even colder, and winter has just begun.Let us pray for our priests who also struggle in the cold, that their dwellings remain warm and secure. That they are safe travelling when called upon during winter storms to aid a parishioner. Let us pray, and continue to pray until Easter warms us a … [Read More...]


Impenetrability and Stagnant Love

The morning was dense with fog—the kind of fog so thick you can taste it when you breathe. Even stepping off the porch would be an act of faith. I would be lost between the car and the door. Rather than go into the unknown—well, to the mail box—I went back to my rooms.This week a lot of energy has been spent trying to focus through a fog. I have found myself unwilling to step off the platform of undeserving of love and must choose either to remain as I am or fall into the unknown.The expe … [Read More...]


Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns and the Grace of Yes

Heavenly Father, in your wisdom you have called certain women to a life of special consecration so that in prayerful observance of a lifestyle of poverty, chaste celibacy and obedience, they might be witnesses to us that, our true citizenship is in heaven. That our eternity lies in saying yes to you in our lives.  Give them, Lord, the grace of joy and perseverance in their holy vocation. We thank you for their grace of saying yes to you in their lives. We pray for them through Christ, our L … [Read More...]

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Life is Vortex Not Just Motion, by DjSandhu

Intuitively we know that life is motion. This video, though not new, is making rounds again. I find it deeply, profoundly of God...though not so sure that was what Sandhu intended.Kind of fits with The Anchoress's Techno/Science geek thing.  Wait for it...   … [Read More...]

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Walnuts, Thanksgiving, and A Garden Catechism

If we are busy with families, we usually prepare or share in a Thanksgiving Day fare. One of the popular ingredients for that day is often the walnut. I love it in apple or broccoli salads, autumn harvest pies, or—as my grandmother often did with her Henry Quackenbush nutcrackers—unshelled in a bowl.The black walnut, Jugulan nigra, is native to the eastern United States and the bane of most gardeners. The walnuts we are more accustomed to eating are the English walnut, Jugulans regia, whi … [Read More...]


Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

Eternal God,We pray that you bless our priests, who represent you on this earth. Make them more greatly aware of the  grace that you pour out through them when they minister the sacraments. Help them to fall more deeply in love with you after each and every Mass that they celebrate.  Please strengthen our priests, who shepherd your flock, when they are in doubt of their faith, that they may be examples of your truth and guide us always on the path to you. We ask these things through your son, … [Read More...]


Seeds of Wisdom from Saints and Curious Sinners

It’s one of my procrastination techniques.I need to get blog posts written before I get a project back from my editor that’ll need all my attention.Instead, I’m rummaging.It began innocently enough. The little cubbies of my desk were stuffed, layered with dust and tiny paper tabs from spiral notebooks that looked like cookie crumbs.I tossed the old notes and greeting cards, and cardstock bookmarks, but there was a good sized handful of quotes, written on scraps of paper, that I wa … [Read More...]


Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns

Mother Mary,Our holy women are flesh as we are flesh, heart and souls with emotions and doubts. When faced with hardships guide them to turn to your Son and recognize the adversity and pain in his holy perseverance. When they doubt the strength to endure the sadness that weakens the knees and clouds the mind, wrap them in your arms that knew the helplessness of another's sorrows. Hear our prayers, Blessed Mother, that we may know how to console them in their needs as they have consoled us in … [Read More...]


Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

O glorious Saint Joseph,who, on the word of the angel speaking to you in the night,put fear aside to take your Virgin Bride into your home,show yourself today the advocate and protector of priests.Protector of the Infant Christ,defend them against every attack of the enemy,preserve them from the dangers that surround themon every side.Remember Herod's threats against the Child,the anguish of the flight into Egypt by night,and the hardships of your exile.Stand by the accused;stretch out your hand … [Read More...]