Lent and Anglicanism Podcast and Links


Good Moaning! We have rousted ourselves to do up a scintillating podcast about the ongoing troubles of the Anglican World, why you should not mix glitter into your ash on Ash Wednesday, why we’re not giving up sarcasm for lent, and why any human definition of the self apart from God isn’t very nice. Also, we take Take Note. Hope it makes your day all sparkly.

And now on to Links. First up, my mother’s monthly post which will put you right in the frame of mind to feel sorry for your sins.

Ans then, a really fascinating article about the Vikings. Particularly loved the end.

Next up, more sensible commentary on Milo.

And then yes, for real, free the church from the ugly and stupid.

And Jane Austen’s Ring.

Dorothy being sensible about 50 Shades of Gray.

Something cool about Mali.

Eric Metaxas putting in another piece in my American Education. Spent a lot of time this week watching YouTube clips.

And something funny.

And something to eat.

And Matt’s sermon which first made me really want a steak and second made me repent of my apathy. Excellent as usual.

And that’s all there is, there isn’t any more, at least not today. Pip pip.

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