Monday on the Evangellyspeak Podcast and Links


Good Morning to you all on this quiet gray day, the perfect day for pulling weeds and strewing mulch in all directions. We’ve done up a scintillating podcast about, um, let me see, what did we talk about…how weird Evangelicals sound when they talk, how weird that Oceans song is, how emotionalism obscures reality. I think that about covers it.

And now some links. Some nice links.

Carl Trueman saying obvious things about Christian worship. In a word, yes.

A sobering read about Planned Parenthood.

Here is a beautiful ancient Egyptian tomb.

Tim being insightful as usual.

Beautiful old color photos.

Something fascinating childbirth and pregnancy.

These are very funny.

Pray for Mali.

The funniest thing today.

I’m making this this week.

Matt’s sermon which I loved, particularly since I’ve been working with my Sunday school class about just this subject for six months.

And now I am going to love on my garden…Hahahahahaha. Pip pip.

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