Monday on the Friendly Recriminations Podcast and Links


Good Afternoon. I mean, it’s still morning, but by the time I post this it will probably be the afternoon. We woke up late and talked about how Christians should disagree, if it’s ok to disagree, and how we fell in love. Also, some Eugene Peterson and my forthcoming blog break which I plan to begin tomorrow. 

I am not going to be doing this. I am Not quitting anything! I’m just having a break because I’m very tired and am very tired.

Now, Links!

Lee Gatiss’ new book. Matt is enjoying it very much.

A book you’re going to want to buy when it comes out.

Looking for good children’s books? Here’s a list.

This made me feel better about not reading Harry Potter.

I always love reading anything about the shroud.

Cool pictures that should be in a movie.

This is so cool. So so so cool.

A really beautiful house.

The great pie controversy! I’m going to make one now, though cheese.

Something mean, but funny.

Something else funny.

Matt’s sermon yesterday was, I think, the perfect sermon, being about Jesus. I sat in the back of the church blubbering at 8am and felt like maybe I could be a Christian after all.

And that, Gentle Internet Reader, is all for now. I will be unplugging and putting my phone in a cupboard and trying to rest my mind, which right now feels like butter spread too thin on a cold dry piece of toast. But I’ll be back soon, hopefully raring to go on with life and what not. Pip pip.


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