Monday on the Eclipocalypse Podcast and Links


Good Morning. Hope you all have your glasses at the ready. We don’t have any. We’ll probably watch it on YouTube or something. We did do up a podcast–staycation highlights. We meander along about some of the things we read, what we ate, what museums we went to, and what a great baker our oldest child is. Scintillating. That’s what it probably is.

And now on to a few links. Not too many because the coming eclipse is making me lazy.

That Annie Dillard eclipse piece that you probably already read.

That picture of a boy with his cow that I’m sure you saw two days ago.

A long article about Aldi that just reiterates what you already knew to be true.

Those great pictures of Princess Anne that you saw last week.

That terrifyingly long article about content moderation that you got half way through but then were too depressed to finish.

The sermon that you loved and listened to twice.

And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go clean the house so that if the world ends, at least the house will be clean. Pip pip.

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