Three Things for Thursday


A Happy and Blessed Rosh Hashanah to all those celebrating today. Is that the word? Celebrating? Or Observing? I read Michelle Van Loon’s excellent Moments and Days (I recommend it highly) and I already can’t remember. That’s the problem with me. I read interesting and clever books and then I really need to immediately go back and reread them, because I have the mind of a sieve, or even a flea. It is completely discouraging. I could read the same three books over and over again for the next decade and I would still be right back where I am now.

Anyway, I really really want to eat my way through the Jewish year. In fact, I decide to do it year after year, but then I never do. The moments and days, cough, pass me right by and I only remember when everyone has already gone on to the next thing. Like, for instance, I’m just waking up to the fact that today is the kick off of the Jewish year, but Matt has already arranged to cook up a large piece of pork for luncheon. And, well, I think that’s a pretty cruddy way to launch my exploration into Jewish celebratory food. So, I guess we’ll shelve it till Yom Kippur when I will fail again.

Still, Some Day, some day I’m going to do it. I’m going to remember And be prepared with some kind of plan. In the meantime, I’ll watch all y’all celebrate on Facebook.

Matt just sent me this…because…um…he is both racist and he hates me. Which might be justified because yesterday I turned on the sink in the laundry room, added some soap and a little bleach, and then, for reasons that are known only to God, walked away and didn’t come back. That is until I heard shouts from Matt, who had heard the gentle sound of running water, and discovered that not only was the laundry room soaked, but so also was the cupboard in the basement which resides directly under that sink.

And apparently I hate you because I just passed it on. In the comments, ‘This disproves God.’ Um, yes it does. And the cross. And everything. My EYES MY EYES.
You’re welcome.

I missed the Emmy’s, as I do every year. Miss is the wrong word, obviously, since I never watch them and never intend to. But I do occasionally later scroll through slideshows of what everyone was wearing. And all I have to say is, its nothing like scrolling through the hats at Ascot. On the whole, I don’t think you can just say that Christians have bad taste. Truly, every corner of every facet of life is guilty of hideous bad taste on this side of the globe. I mean, they do have bad taste over on that side of the ocean, because some of those Ascot hats are ridiculous. But when you take all the hats and weigh them against all the awards season dresses, the balance clearly falls to them. We are left wanting, like poor Belshazzar.

So there you are. Three Things for Thursday. And now I’m going to go yell at my children for overusing the word ‘Thing.’ “That’s not a word you can write,” I’m going to say. “Be more precise.” Pip pip.

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