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Sorry about not getting to a podcast yesterday. A combination of angst, being up against the quarter deadline, and not being able to wake up, turned the morning into a tragedy of there being no podcast. I’d like to say we’ll get to something during the week, but I don’t want to make any promises.

And I’ve got to trot along to the doctor at a ridiculous hour this morning, for a routine justification of why I should be allowed to keep having thyroid medicine, which is, sadly, driving away every word I thought up during the night to put here. So how bout those links I saved up for yesterday, even if there is no podcast. It’ll be that kind of failing week.

First of all, the Ride Home with John and Kathy is doing a nice series of conversion stories. The first set went up yesterday but they’ll be going on all week. I’ve been listening and they’re really lovely.

Here is another bit on why you should confine Mari Kondo to your house.

David Bentley Hart’s grocery list.

This is really freaky. And I mean really.

This is a joke but I thought it was totally plausible and didn’t click on it at first out of horror.

Matt is doing a Sunday morning series on the basics of the Christian life. The first two sessions are here and here.

And here’s his sermon, which was on point as usual.

And I’m so sorry to say that I’ve got to leap up and be on my way. Hopefully the week will just get better and better.

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