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Well, I’ve just hauled six children around New York City for a day–for the purpose of collecting my parents and finally letting my feet fall in the marbled halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but also to shake up their small, narrow lives and show them the wide vista of a world outside their own.

This important educational opportunity included shoving them into and out of the subway at rush hour without losing any of them, and remonstrating with them to stop whining because their feet hurt.

The thing that was most amazing, though, is that it was like summer, in the middle the February. For one incredible day the sun came out and spread its golden rays as we walked up and down and down and up. They are gone now, giving way to rain and ice. But for that bright moment they were wonderful.

Now I must shove us all back into the car and take us back again, without sliding around on the road, and put them all back into their their regular lives, if such a thing is possible.

"I'll keep him in my prayers."

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