Monday on the Politically Incorrect Podcast and Links

Monday on the Politically Incorrect Podcast and Links March 5, 2018

Have been awake for hours dithering around, but finally got my act together and persuaded Matt to help me do up a short podcast. Complained for about half an hour about how insane the world is, and about how no man can have a uterus, and how parents who organize gender reassignment surgery for their children are the worst. Also, no matter what Matt says, I am not high maintenance.

Now, let me see, Links.

First of all, my mother’s post for the month. Be so great if she would post every week, that’s what I say.

And my Lenten talk from this last week.

A long useful article about the gender wage gap.

A long shocking article about lying in the scientific world.

Something funny because it feels so true.

Something else incredibly funny.

I am fighting down an overpowering desire to make this.

Glad to see minimalism is out and opulence is back in.

An excellent sermon.

And that’s all there is. There isn’t any more. Tinkerty Tonk.

"Yes! The flying eagleback into Mordor! WHY NOT? I have pondered that, too. Anti-aircraft orcs?"

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