To Vaguebook or to Overshare? That is the Question.

I ran into a hashtag in twitter, yesterday, for English words that are pleasurable to say. I spent thirty seconds searching in my mind for the word 'Bucolic' but it unhappily evaded me and I wandered away to fold laundry. It's one of the great tragedies of our time--trying of think of something to tweet and not being able to.Speaking of twitter--and this is totally not what this post is about--but my big inhibition about tweeting is that I read some urban legend a long time ago that the … [Read more...]

Monday on the No Pride Podcast and Links

Good Morning. This week we weigh on the fact of its being Gay Pride Month and what a grievous concept that is. How should Christians frame the theological question of homosexuality and other sexual immorality? How should the church act and be? We try to answer some of these questions. It's not the most cheerful podcast we've ever done but we hope you'll forgive us and listen anyway.First up, here is the CT article that we talk about that was so good.And then, let's see.Since we were … [Read more...]

When Millenials Get Married

Complaining is one of my most obvious spiritual gifts, my special charism, if you will. And two of the things I like to complain about most are first, the state of evangelicalism in America, and second, weddings.Now, in principle, I am for weddings. It's an idea I can get behind. Two people in love, beautiful dress, gorgeous flowers, a lovely party with friends--a wedding is not one of those dark moments of life, like trudging through the grocery aisle trying to decide what to cook because … [Read more...]

Staggering off the Broad Road of the Internet

Yesterday I said I was going to Read Moar Books. When asked which books I was going to read I promised to blog about them, so as to put off actually cracking them open a few minutes longer.The thing is, I have been slowly and deliberately trying to rebuild my reading muscle. You know how it is, life happens. Back in the day we all read books because there was literally nothing else to do, out there in wilderness of Africa. No iPods, no computers, no carnivals trucking by to distract the … [Read more...]

7 Things I’m Not Doing This Summer

Kelly's Takes today are a brilliant roadmap to a trouble free summer and I applaud and greet her for saving me the work, especially when I wasn't going to do it anyway. It's true, what with the solstice and all, that summer is finally here. And summer, of course, is when you get your act together and do all the things you avoided doing during the school year. But it's also the time to lie back and catch up on all the rest you thought you needed, which means not doing Everything. So here are … [Read more...]

Untangling Race, Language and Culture in America

I don't ever like to write about it, but I do think a lot about the racial issues that plague this American political and cultural landscape. I don't like to write about it because I don't know whereof I might be tempted to speak. As I like to say, I am not from here. I grew up in a place where I would have been counted as a minority--the single white little girl in a Malian village. All the other little girls were 'of color,' one of the most ghastly euphemisms I've ever encountered. By the time … [Read more...]

If You Pour Tea Into That Avocado, So Help Me…

I've spent rather too long a time in the last two days watching avocado videos on Facebook and Twitter. I didn't even have to looking for them. Somehow, because I said the word into the Podcast air, they just appeared, like a whining child the minute you touch the telephone app on your device.Truly, I read that our (and by 'our' I mean a group from which I fundamentally exclude myself) obsession with the avocado is causing a worldwide increase in avocado prices, so high is the demand. After … [Read more...]

Recovering the Lost Art of Disagreement

Spent a pleasant hour wandering around Aldi listening to the the Sheologians interviewing KSP (i.e. Sane and Good) and then came home and rewatched this trite answer to violence in our time (as in Insane and Bad), and despaired all over again about the state of Public Discourse in our time.First of all, the little video, which you should watch, is of an imam and a rabbi standing against a blank brown wall, holding up signs with words in big letters, letting the signs fall one by one in time … [Read more...]

Monday on the Evangellyspeak Podcast and Links

Good Morning to you all on this quiet gray day, the perfect day for pulling weeds and strewing mulch in all directions. We've done up a scintillating podcast about, um, let me see, what did we talk weird Evangelicals sound when they talk, how weird that Oceans song is, how emotionalism obscures reality. I think that about covers it.And now some links. Some nice links.Carl Trueman saying obvious things about Christian worship. In a word, yes.A sobering read about Planned … [Read more...]

How To Be A Good Father

Father's Day isn't supposed to ring the same note of terror as Mother's Day. As Mother's Day dawns every mother is invited to be the savior of the world, but also to secretly indulge in terrible self consideration--moving silently in celebration between self loathing, envy, gratitude, and a desire for the day just to be over. And that was just me. Father's Day ought to be an easier time. Men aren't plagued with self doubt, are they? You just hand them their stick of jerky on the way out of … [Read more...]