Offending the World Podcast and Links

Good Moaning. It's going to be pretty warm today which is sad because I need to clean my house. Feel really tragic about it. To console myself I persuaded Matt to indulge in the Usual Podcast wherein we try to understand why human language is turning out to be such a failure in our current cultural and political climate. Gender, politics, theology--we're ¬†offensive about it all. Enjoy!And now on to Links. Hmmm. What do we have today?First up, how bout this thing about the Holy … [Read more...]

Jesus had a Platform

While I was lying around all week not thinking about anything of substance, an interesting conversation worked itself out on twitter about Platform. Not just Platform in general, which is basically a flat surface upon which you can stand in order to be heard, but the Platform that is required in the world of books and blogs. If you want people to read what you're writing, you have to have a place to say it. And if you want lots of people to read what you're saying, you need lots of twitter … [Read more...]

Kitchen Notes: Lemon Cake and Chocolate Pots

This whole week has been 'house' laying around Notes, and now I really need to go paint. So here is what I did for that nice cake, and also the chocolate pots, and then I must dash off.Lemon Cake Take the recipe for Orange Rum cake in the Joy of Cooking but then, because you have no orange and no rum, start to make the cake but don't do anything that it says in the recipe. Just do the butter and sugar and then sort of sling in most of the flour that it calls for, into the mixer that is, … [Read more...]

7 Thrilling Takes

I don't really deserve Quick Takes after a lame-o week of blogging, but I'm going to have them anyway. So sue me. Actually, please don't sue me.One This is truly brilliant. I have watched more disembodied food video hands this week than at probably any other moment in my existence and the refreshing flair of this one is truly wondrous.I really have not been able to pin down what is so mesmerizing about the food video. I have not once spent a minute and a half watching anything that I … [Read more...]

Truth, Spring, and a Pearl

Every day the sky gets a little grayer and I wake up a little more awake, to use the same word twice in one sentence which is against my personal convictions. The trees are all delicate and lacy, the leaves gradually unfurling in tens of shades of green. Can't believe it is really spring. I don't think I ever really felt like it was spring, here, before, not like I remember it from the West. Somehow the dilapidated buildings of Binghamton stamp out the seasons as they arrive, one by one. But … [Read more...]

Easter Wednesday

I've actually been up for hours but it's been spent trying to shove the children who have class into some kind of space where they can actually be ready for that terrifying eventuality. It was really nice to have the scholastic calendar account for Holy Week, but it would have been even more charming if we could have had two weeks off--modern life is so relentless. Anyway, they are the only ones showing up for anything, the rest of us are still lying around trying to figure out how to put one … [Read more...]

Easter Tuesday

Still very much not awake. So so so not awake. Have to wander around in a fog of some kind of productivity though because some children have school work, and some laundry is crying out, and there are some tasks that have to be knocked off my synod list. Don't know what synod is? Oh, don't worry, by the time it gets here you'll wish I had never uttered the word.Anyway, here are some easter pictures. Sometime this week we have to hide the eggs we dyed during Holy Week. The party just keeps … [Read more...]

Easter Monday Podcast and Links

Good Moaning! Happy Easter! We woke up mid morning, or something, and rambled on and on about Holy Week and stuff. We're tired, of course, and so that makes this podcast super special fun.Not surprisingly, I don't have very many links because I didn't read anything this week. But here is what I do have.If you're tired, don't feel too bad about it.If the¬†writing is brilliant, does it really matter?I'm convinced!So much this.I love this review, more than my own soul.The … [Read more...]

Holy Week Notes From Home

Busy week. About to leap up and go back to church to work on the altar. And then rush across town to fix the fourteen year old's sorrow about the Easter shoe question. 'Is there any sorrow like my sorrow,' she keeps asking, 'that you made me get shoes I didn't want?' 'Oh my word,' I repost, 'you didn't say you didn't like them. You have to speak Out Loud. I'm not a mind reader!' So I'll run back and change them, if I have time. But who am I kidding, I don't have time. Every day I don't have … [Read more...]