‘Story’ Podcast and Links

Good Morning. If that's the sort of morning that suits you. We woke up super early because of a full throated and over exuberant bird right outside the window and took the opportunity to divulge our accumulated wisdom about baptizing children. I can't imagine that you'd want to miss it.And now, let me see, what do I have saved up from this week.This is excellent. Yes, it's ok for Christians to articulate Christian orthodoxy.But they should be hospitable about it.This was pretty … [Read more...]

Its Better to be Rich and Healthy than Poor and Sick

All my best laid plans have come to naught. Was going to leap up with the dawn, cheerful and bright, and trip lightly to the kitchen and laundry, restoring the glad tidings of order out of chaos. Oh well, I guess I won't worry about that now. Instead I will wander around in the usual circle of Saturday distraction.Actually, this week was a remarkable one in that, for the first time in many months, I did have short periods of buzzing around with energy. For example, one day I walked into the … [Read more...]

7 Mothering Takes

It's Friday! And that means Takes.One Feel vaguely bad about complaining about Mother's Day, but not really. I mean, I never feel really bad about complaining about anything, even when I'm later proved wrong. It's the General Principle of Mother's Day just being a bad and difficult thing that I still uphold. On the other hand, the children made me some lovely cards, and Matt went out in some kind of fit and bought all the flowers in a store.Two We've often had this discussion. Men … [Read more...]

The Outrageous Man Romper

[Jesus, considering our great ideas.]So, those romper things for men are really something. I looked at a lot of pictures of them yesterday trying to avoid improving my mind with important stuff. For all those gentle readers who thought I was overreacting to the invention of the washing machine, I feel the duty of explaining the man romper is on them. Actions have consequences. Someone has to be to blame.Actually, that's part of the problem. Cultural forces are usually produced by a whole … [Read more...]

A Bright Dystopian Now

Yesterday I summoned the energy to climb into the dying rhododendron to pull the weeds concealing themselves in its cool depths--muttering, in the usual way, threats and hatred against those ones that dig themselves deep into the soil, but easily break off from the root with the mere touch of a pinky finger. The thing that I love most about gardening is the murderous rage that springs up against something that can be killed without loss of integrity or freedom. We all have to hate … [Read more...]

The Buffoonification of Sex and Gender

As usual, it's the convergence of insanity that I find so arresting that I can't look away. Modern life is a daily glorious train wreck, the slow motion bashing of the Titanic into that poor iceberg. You want to look away, you know you should, but you just can't.So here are the two things--this review about everything that's wrong with the new Anne Debacle, and this breathlessly delighted report about Self Marriage. Read them both, I beg you, and then come back here to be shouted at. Just … [Read more...]

Airport Run Podcast and Links

We have an extra special treat this morning. The Preventing Grace Podcast has been elevated to the Anglican heights by Lee Gatiss (one tea, two sugars) who, trapped as he was in the car, agreed to answer some questions about what he thinks about America. I can't imagine that you would want to miss it.And now on to Links, which have been piling up. First and most important, here is the link to Dr. Gatiss' devotional book which I am enjoying very much.And here is the link to the Church … [Read more...]

Mary and Martha on Mother’s Day

Some of the women of Good Shepherd have a nice custom of once a month gathering to eat food, drink something nicer than water, and chat about a chapter of an improving book when only three of the people have read the book. The tome is usually Christian, which makes the whole enterprise a spiritual thing. You know, holy. We've spent a year working through John MacArthur's extraordinary women of the Bible book. And truly, we've had an uproariously good time because, after all, he's John MacArthur … [Read more...]

Rain Soaked Notes From Home

The rain is raining all around. It falls on field and trees...can't remember the rest. But truly, it is abundantly raining, if gently, and will be all day. Which means I'm saved, I guess, from puttering around in the garden. Thank Heaven. I Finally have a whole day to exclusively focus on all the work Inside. The laundry, the dusting, the returning of emails and sorting through the mountain of bits of important paper that I have thoughtfully accumulated on and around the floor near my desk. … [Read more...]