As many of you know I’m an addicted reader of National Review and National Review Online. When the magazine comes in the mail I irresponsibly stop everything and read it cover to cover and part of my morning routine (and afternoon and evening) includes a long stop at NRO, particularly the Corner.Anyway, one of my favorite writers, Cathy Seipp, is today in hospital dying of Cancer at what seems to me an impossibly young age. She leaves behind a daughter… Read more

Even before I could choke down my first cup of tea this morning I was annoyed to find, along with Matt, that the Press and Sun has managed to do it again. This is the first and foremost reason why I wouldn’t bother to shell out any of my hard earned pennies to receive this paper at home. Bill Moyer consistently and unrelentingly manages to put his spin on a crisis he knows nothing about again and again-from 2003 on…. Read more

I had several things I wanted to post about today. For exampleMatt: How was your day?A: Well, um, a man came in the door and then he went out again and he left.Matt: Who was the man?A: You.Matt: Oh.Orthe fact that I made an enormous pot of cauliflower soup using two full heads of cauliflower, green onions, pancetta, a touch of cream, stock; PLUS fancy bread, white bread, banana muffins, biscuits and banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. OH and… Read more

Oh the glories of RCI. Matt received this into his inbox this morning. Absolutely made my day.kelvine kadilaChristian Pentecostal Mission Hqters,Rue de Triechville,Abidjan,Ivory coast.West Africa.Dear ,Permit us to inform you that after reading your address in the internet. I became interested in disclosing every thing about myself to you. I am interested in a long term business relationship with you.We are kelvine and………………….. Read more

I’m sitting here listening to the baby scream and VGR be fawned over by NPR. Thank you so much, Bishop, for everything you do. Thank you so much, Bishop, for everything you are. Thank you for your courage, Bishop. Thank you thank you thank you. Honestly. Glad the screaming baby is making it difficult to hear.Its already afternoon, because of blighted Daylight Savings, and I am sitting in my bathrobe, on the couch, surrounded by bills and slips of paper… Read more

The people who died in this horrible fire were Malian. Welcome to America. “….Soumara rushed to the building in his livery cab, arriving to see his children trapped inside but unable to help them. Five children from another family perished in the blaze while their father was visiting their homeland of Mali in western Africa.Mousa Majassa, an official of the New York-based High Council for Malians Living Abroad, was headed back to New York after receiving the grim news that… Read more

Matt arrived home safely last night and very helpfully put the children to bed. And then got up with them this morning, so that I could recover some of the hundreds of hours of lost sleep.I wasted a whole lot of it, in his absence, watching the Jesus Tomb and then part of the Ted Koppel Bit afterwards. Thought the Ted Koppel portion (don’t know how to spell his name, embarrassed to say I don’t even know who he is)… Read more

Here is my sermon from this morning. I, as usual, intended to be on the computer all week and write lots of interesting things about my class etc. But getting Matt ready to go to Portland and then coping in his absence AND getting ready for Sunday took it out of me. I didn’t have anything left over by the time I got to my computer in the evenings. Matt is coming home tomorrow so maybe we’ll be able to… Read more

I am finally home, O Best Beloved, after more that 24 hours in transit. I left St. Louis at 10am on Sunday-well, I went to the airport at 10am, which is enough alternate universe to no longer be considered real place-and only got home 3 hours ago. I was delayed and delayed with snow going into Chicago and then, in Chicago, I waited for 4 hours before my flight was finally cancelled. Knowing, of course, the whole time, that the… Read more

So I really did not mean to take a whole week off posting. But I’ve been in class the last few days and of course, when I arrived, I was not able to get online in my room (still am not). So I surf quietly during class, and do email, and skype, and today am finally and quietly trying to post. Not that I have amazing things to say. For those of you who don’t know, I’m getting a second… Read more

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