I really ought not to be writing anything at this moment—can hear children baying in the distance like mastodons. But I just read this very interesting post from the English Muffin Blog which I read every few days or so. I find most particularly interesting the juxtaposition, or maybe collision is a better word—that seems to be occurring (or destined to occur) between the voiceless effaced woman of Islam who is every day more visible in American life (not on… Read more

So yes, I do believe in women’s ordination, with a whole lot of caveats, what might better be called Limited Women’s Ordination, or LWO.I don’t plan to cover every possible theological and Biblical issue associated with WO today. Others, including Matt+, have already covered the subject amply. I’m mostly going to summarize what has already been said in my own words and, perhaps, with my own twist or two.Where I’m Coming From (if you don’t want to know, just skip… Read more

White Bread1 T yeast, 2 T brown sugar, ¼ cup warm water, 1 ¾ cup milk, an egg, 2 t salt, 6 T salted butter, 4-6 cups white flour, or to feel.Fancy Bread1 T yeast, 2 T brown sugar, ¼ cup warm water, 1 ¾ cup milk, an egg, 2 t salt, 6 T salted butter, 1 T poppy seeds, 2 T flax seed, 2 T finely chopped walnut, 3-4 T millet (cooked in about as much water just until… Read more

I didn’t mean to take a whole week off from posting, but having caught a wretched and exhausting cold, lost three whole posts to cats walking across keyboards, and becoming buried under piles and piles of laundry, I finally lost the will to try. However, having deposited the kids all over town for a few hours and hunkered down under a thick furry blanket with lemsip in hand, I thought I would venture back into cyber space. Plus, for the… Read more

All Hallow’s Eve was spent in madness–trying to do school in the morning in spite of a screaming baby as well as doing the weekly shopping AND making bread AND trying to convince middle child that in order to go out eliciting candy from total strangers he Had to wear a costume. The logic of the whole enterprise completely escaped him. However, it took only two times of ringing doorbells and observing the results to find him solemnly engaged–like a… Read more

I hadn’t been planning to say anything about it, but I woke up from a wonderfully long nap with the vision of Katherine Jefferts Schori in what some have called a pair of badly cut trousers and ill fitting suit jacket with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Frank Griswold. I had seen the picture before but it seemed to be planted on the front of my mind in a new way. All kinds of things have been said, mostly on… Read more

We’ve been working on the fettucia in Catechesis for the last month. We are being relaxed with it and taking as much time as we need, which just means that I don’t have the next thing prepared yet. ‘Fettucia’, in Italian, means, I believe, ‘ribbon’, or, as I’ve been calling it, ‘big long enormous ribbon representing the history of salvation/kingdom of God.’ The ribbon is lovingly and laboriously unrolled and we walk along it, wondering and being amazed at God’s… Read more

Home Again, Home Again, thanks be to God. Arrived late last night with baby in reasonably good humor only to spend the night covered in cats needing pats (see picture of youngest cat in repose). The whole four days was good and rejuvenating–the class turned out to be interesting in the end (when we finally got to some content) and the people were full of interesting information–like what kind of saw is the safest for the building of materials, and… Read more

It’s already Saturday and I haven’t posted, my email box is overflowing and I have stacks and stacks of reading I’m still supposed to have got through. For all that the depth of what we’re doing is maybe, at best, skin deep, we’re managing to keep very busy. Here’s my take in the first morning the first session–amazingly, its been about the same since then.”Its 10:00am and we still haven’t had any lecture or anything. We’ve drawn two drawings, without… Read more

I’ve arrived in St. Louis for my four day intensive time (the course is Bible Interpretation). Baby is teething so its going to be a super fun week I can tell. I’m cramming all the reading down my throat, metaphorically speaking, and complaining with my classmates about the impossibility of having to ‘draw my world view’. However, the silver lining of the day was reading Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration of Men and Women… Read more

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