About Yadi Martinez

Yadi is a Latina LGBTQIA Youth Advocate and Unconscious Bias Awareness Facilitator, with 10 years of ministry experience in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. Yadi currently volunteers with the youth ministry and coordinates other events and ministries with the New Church – Chiesa Nuova UCC in Dallas, Texas.

I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday

One of my favorite books is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. There are so many ways to interpret the story and, through the years, many motion pictures have done so. The familiar story is of a young Alice who stumbles into a magical place where things look familiar and, yet, not the same. Through this adventure, [Read More…]

What I Learned Working at a Fast Food Restaurant

We’ve all visited fast food restaurants. When you pull into the window a person will take your order through an intercom and within minutes your food is ready. Many of us might know young people who work at fast food restaurants, or we may have worked at a fast food restaurant ourselves. One day I decided to work [Read More…]

Pride in Dallas

In Dallas, TX, we celebrate LGBTQ Pride in the month of September, unlike the rest of the country which celebrates in June. This past Sunday, thousands of people filled the streets in uptown Dallas to participate in or see the annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade—Pride Parade for short. I have attended the parade for many years, marching [Read More…]

Holding on to Love and Mercy

This week has been a difficult time for our nation and we pray that God’s peace and love may shed light in the midst of all this pain. Graphic videos of the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castille stirred anger. As our nation processed these tragedies we did what we do best: we gathered, we mourned, we [Read More…]

Talking with Youth about Orlando

On my way to church yesterday I received the news that 50 people were presumed dead or severally injured after a night club shooting in Orlando, Florida. As of now we know that 49 people were killed and at least 53 were injured in what officials are saying is the worst mass shooting in US history and the deadliest [Read More…]

Helping Teens Succeed

One day while I was on Facebook, I came across an article titled “Science Says Parents of Successful Kids Have These 13 Things in Common” posted on my friend’s timeline, and it caught my attention.  Being a parent myself, I wanted to see if I was following a good formula.  The article had the following [Read More…]

A Place Where Membership is Not Revoked

Yadi Martinez, who helped make PYM16 happen, is joining us a regular PYM blogger. Yadi is a Latin LGBTQIA Youth Advocate and Unconscious Bias Awareness Facilitator. With over 10 years of ministry in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, Yadi has worked with several churches and organizations, including Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ. Yadi currently [Read More…]

Yadi Martinez on Ministry with Gender Nonconforming Youth

From the very beginning of Progressive Youth Ministry we have been dedicated to talking about gender nonconformity, a topic even liberal and progressive communities sometimes don’t know how to address. At PYM16 Yadi Martinez led a very practical seminar called “What makes Youth Ministry a Safe Space for LGB and Transgender Youth?” Yadi is a Latina LGBTQIA Youth [Read More…]