The Golden Rule

by Chris Johnson

I’ve been an ordained minister for forty four years now, so you’d
think I’d know a thing or two about these spiritual matters.  On the
contrary, the deepest profundity I’ve been able to manage is to try to
live my life in accordance with the Golden Rule.  So that’s what I do
and have advised others to do through my social work as a founder of
the National Optimists Party.  Yet on a personal level, the fact of
the matter is that while, over time, I’ve found myself with an
increasing sense of awe and reverence for the magnificence of
creation, I’ve experienced a receding sense of understanding and
familiarity with the Creator.  Imagine my good fortune to run into

Bruce Adams, a fine soul whose ears are directly attuned to the
Creator’s frequency.  I’m looking forward to learning a lot and
enjoying myself immensely as I join Bruce and my good friend Steve on
our lighthearted spiritual journey all across this great land looking
for the soul of America.

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