Ageing, Illness and Death Are God’s Misunderstood Gifts

By Bruce Adams

Before I begin to explain what so many do not begin to understand, I wish to say this blog is for those who wish to rediscover the true nature of Self. Obviously, those who hold to the notion that physical life is the extent of reality will not relate to what you are about to read. That said, there has always been and will always be some who realize that there is more to life than this world.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  William Shakespeare

In this world there exists a multitude of degrees of awareness ranging from those who are almost totally oblivious (asleep) to those who are fully aware of what is (Awake). In “The Course in Miracles” this point is not only expressed but is the foundation for the teachings it presents.

From years of observation and listening to the questions people have asked while studying the course, it became apparent to me that the main obstacle was caused by the attachment to our human life. Many are starting to identify with the phrase we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

In Prophet or Madman I spoke of the fact that we are all infinite spiritual beings on a journey of self discovery. I also said that on this infinite journey there are many dimensions of time and space available to us. This world has never been meant to act as your eternal home but rather a temporary place to experience in order to present opportunities for furthering spiritual understanding.

Buddha’s realized this and shared this very elevated perception, “It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering.”

Many in this world hold so tightly to their view of how things should be that when everything that doesn’t work in their life the way in which their mind tells them it should, they suffer.

Fast forward another 400 years and another great spiritual master offered some advice for those who suffer from the affliction of being attached to the human view over the spiritual one.

“If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the (Father’s) kingdom”

He also offered this advice: “Be passersby.”

The master I speak of was Jesus Christ. The quotes are from the Gospel of Thomas and were meant to act as reminders that this world is not our eternal dwelling place. Rather, this world is the place where we come to awaken to LIFE.

Whenever I remember that this is not my home and I am not a human being but rather a spiritual being temporarily playing human, I recognize ageing, illness and death are not meant to cause me to suffer but are God’s misunderstood gifts.

Regardless of your path or what religion you practice, if you wish to awaken yourself and live awakened in this world you may find it necessary to reinterpret your view.

More to come…

Love and Light,

Brother Bruce

Prophet or Madman

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