A Preview of Coming Attractions – Lucky #13 – Welcome to L.A.

For better and not for worse, we’ve been spending time in Bruce’s neck of the woods, Fort Myers, Florida.  We hope you have enjoyed the fine people we met and filmed there as much as we did and we feel you’ll agree that Bruce Adams has proven himself worthy of further inspection and investigation.  To that end, we’ve brought Bruce out to L.A., world headquarters of Steve Allen Media (that would be the Steve you know as our trusty narrator).

“Hi there, Bruce.  Welcome to the Hotel California.”  (It’s under thirty seconds, so we shouldn’t get in hot water with anyone over using just a snippet of that great tune.)  We wanted to do a sort of “Little fish, big pond” experiment, having seen Bruce so well-loved in the greater (or lesser) Fort Myers area.  You know, put Bruce in with some big city folk, maybe throw in a couple of famous actors, rock stars, etc., just to see how well he holds his own.  There’s another component to all this.  We want Steve’s PR firm to get to know Bruce and figure out how to get his message out there.

So, we bring Bruce out to the other coast to begin the media campaign (of which you, dear reader, are now a part).  Just because Steve’s PR company has a conscience, doesn’t mean it lacks a sense of humor…or the outlandish.  Steve and staff throw around some ideas, mainstream and otherwise.

And so we begin this part of our journey, our road show, if you will, with Bruce and Steve reuniting on Steve’s turf, in the offices of the aforementioned Steve Allen Media.

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