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Episode 1: G.A.T.E.

The scene: G.A.T.E., The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre on the FOX lot. [Read more…]

The Beginning

by Steve Allen Hi everyone.  Thanks for taking a moment to tune in to our “Lighter Side of Higher Consciousness” web series.  I’m Steve Allen Prutting, the narrator of this series, as well as Bruce’s side kick on this long and winding road show.  I’m writing this first blog to share with you all a [Read More…]

The Golden Rule

by Chris Johnson I’ve been an ordained minister for forty four years now, so you’d think I’d know a thing or two about these spiritual matters.  On the contrary, the deepest profundity I’ve been able to manage is to try to live my life in accordance with the Golden Rule.  So that’s what I do [Read More…]

The Calling

by Bruce Adams Before hearing God sometime back in 1996, I believed my life was pretty much like most others in this world.  I was a father, a husband and a businessman. Many would say I was living the American dream:  Living in Florida with a loving family, a beautiful home on the water, complete [Read More…]