In the New York Times | Gay and Transgender Catholics Urge Pope Francis to Take a Stand

The pope’s U.S. visit comes at a pivotal time for the LGBT community. According to the American Values Atlas, 60 percent of Catholics favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally. Read more

Morning Buzz | Ahead of 2016, GOP Changes Approach on Abortion

In today’s buzz, how presidential candidates can win over white evangelical Protestants, plus the Muslim response to radical ISIS propaganda. Read more

Morning Buzz | Blacks, Whites Pessimistic About State of Race Relations in U.S.

In today’s buzz, Buddhism in Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out,” plus Americans’ support for passing stricter gun control laws. Read more

Morning Buzz | Does Trump Speak for the GOP on Immigration?

In today’s buzz, the Equality Act, plus PRRI’s new analysis on immigration and Donald Trump. Read more

Morning Buzz | White House Honors 12 Faith Leaders on Climate Change Work

In today’s buzz, the pope’s favorability is down in the U.S., plus Ferguson to hire a black interim police chief. Read more

Does Trump Speak for the GOP on Immigration?

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made headlines over his controversial remarks on immigrants—but does he represent where all Republicans stand on the issue? Read more

The GOP’s Generation Gap on Immigration

Three weeks ahead of the first GOP primary debate, newly anointed front-runner Donald Trump is leading in recent polls. Trump’s dramatic rise in the polls has been attributed to his controversial negative remarks about Mexican immigrants. But how consistent are Trump’s statements about immigrants with the views of the Republican electorate? Self-identified Republicans are more likely to say that newcomers from other countries threaten traditional American customs and values than […] Read more

Morning Buzz | Hillary Clinton Plays Her Gender Card . . . Literally

In today’s buzz, Hillary Clinton’s gender card, plus which GOP candidates may end up in the debates. Read more

Morning Buzz | America’s Black Clergy on Religious Liberty, Discrimination

In today’s buzz, the fine line between religious liberty and discrimination, plus the pope’s upcoming address to Congress. Read more

Morning Buzz | 2014 Election Turnout Lowest in U.S. Census History

In today’s buzz, graduation rates from nearly every school district, plus TLC cancels “19 Kids and Counting” after Josh Duggar’s molestation confessions. Read more

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