In today’s buzz, GOP approval of SCOTUS has hit a 15-year-low, plus an organization that composts the dead. Read more

In today’s buzz, Donald Trump’s popularity spikes among GOP, plus are Americans ready for a Muslim president? Read more

In today’s buzz, the Boy Scouts of America have lifted a ban on gay scout leaders, and the Pentagon is a step closer to ending their ban on openly transgender individuals serving in the military. Read more

In today’s buzz, Scott Walker announces his run for president, plus female employees will now have access to free birth control. Read more

In today’s buzz, evangelicals have a renaissance moment in NYC, plus federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples. Read more

Have millennials really earned their title as masters of social media? According to PRRI’s millennial survey, it depends on which platform you’re talking about. Read more

Sociologist Tony Carnes uses PRRI’s American Values Atlas to show that New York City’s evangelical population is booming—thanks largely to immigration. Read more

In today’s buzz, an interactive map of segregation, plus the Confederate flag will be removed from S.C. statehouse grounds today. Read more

In today’s buzz, opposition to California’s “right to die” bill, plus the pressure to digitize public libraries. Read more

In today’s buzz, the world’s smallest Bible, plus the concentration of wealth and poverty in U.S. cities. Read more

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