Now that We’ve Awakened the Goddess, Are Men Allowed to Be Gods?

Now that We’ve Awakened the Goddess, Are Men Allowed to Be Gods? October 10, 2017

Scrolling through my Facebook feed on any given day yields loads of articles, memes, and lengthy posts about all things Goddess. Awaken your inner goddess! Stay wild! The Goddess is rising! I walk the priestess path! I only roll with goddesses! A photo of some bohemian-styled white chick skipping through a wheat field or whatever often accompanies all this catchy phrasing.

It’s not truly empowering, nor does it match anything close to reality of a woman’s everyday life. If anything, it’s just another impossible ideal, like Photoshopped bodies and flawless motherhood. So here’s a hard truth that no one seems to want to talk about. Women may like the idea of being a goddess, but do we also want the responsibility of that title? Goddesses do not hide from anything or anyone, not even from themselves. They radiate power, wisdom, love, and sensuality. They do not ratchet down to match a lower vibration. Embracing goddesshood would mean walking around in our absolute worthiness instead of our shame. It would mean owning the truth of who we are. It would mean the end of blaming and scapegoating. It’s a tall order, and it comes with the obligation to walk our talk.

While we’re busy working out how we feel about ourselves as women and reclaiming our power and trying to smash the patriarchy, what about men, our beloved brothers on this journey? If women are goddesses, are men allowed to be gods? If we assert that women are reflections of the Divine Mother, then we also have to acknowledge that men are the reflection of the Divine Father. Yet, we do not see much about men struggling with this concept. We assume they don’t struggle at all, because the patriarchy supports the notion that god is, and always has been, masculine.

Do men stand in front of the mirror every morning and say, “I am a god” without hesitation? Some might. Most wouldn’t, at least not without doing a hundred push-ups first. Do they need memes that say: Awaken your inner god! The God is rising! Don’t let them tame you! I only roll with gods! Do men look at the covers of Men’s Health, GQ, and all of the other magazines aimed at them and feel shame for not having a chiseled chest, six-pack abs, and control of a major corporation? I’m fortunate enough to talk with men who drop the façade and let their hearts speak on occasion. When I hold space for them like this, I’m always overcome by how much they long for acceptance as they are, just like women do.  

We think we know the traits of a goddess, but what are the traits of a god? Strength, fairness, courage, love, tenacity, and passion, for starters. Not all men will step up to the god title and the associated responsibilities, just as women may or may not own the goddess title. When a man does embrace his godhood, however, he is also walking around in his worthiness instead of his shame. He owns his truth as well. It is the end of blaming and scapegoating for him, too, as much as it is for women.

Even in the pagan community, which honors various pantheons of goddesses and gods, things are still heavily slanted toward the Goddess. I searched for books about the Horned God specifically, and few turned up in contrast to the plethora of books out there on the Goddess or the Divine Feminine. I had to dip into Jungian explorations of masculine archetypes just to round out my search.

I’m not saying women need to give up any ground we’ve gained in reclaiming our divine femininity. There are still battles to be fought in that that arena, of course, but men are allowed to be gods…more than allowed, they are invited and beckoned. We need them. We want them to know and recognize the divine masculine within, because there is so much work to be done in this world. If all of us knew without a doubt that we are the Divine expressing itself in human form, what couldn’t we achieve together?

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  • Lunaflora

    To respect the gender fluid and trans* individuals that attend our Circles, my group has decided to remove the possiblity of misgendering an individual with the “thou art god/goddess” blessing, and instead use, “thou art sacred.” The blessing still conveys the strength and beauty of the Divine that flows through all, without the complications of self image.

  • Carcosa Hali

    Thank you so much for this. I recently saw an article on Facebook positing this same question, and the comments in my witch groups were almost unanimously negative. In these places of radical acceptance of the divine feminine and women in general, the antipathy towards the idea of Men’s spirituality was palpable. What few men, all of them quite supportive of the Goddess, answered said the same thing: “Yeah, this would be nice.”

    Eventually I replied “We are expected to behave as Heroes and Gods, the embody everything about them, and yet never claim the mantle for ourselves. What more must we give up to be with you?”

    And it fell on deaf ears. There is a decided current of misandry among the pagan community, one that is both omnipresent and utterly ignored. That’s not all there is to these communities, but it certainly is a factor. And it’s not just the pop-culture fad pagan groups, the ones that are filled with lame memes: “What is your Goddess name?”, “What is your spirit animal?”. Nor is it just the fluffy ones that are nothing but platitudes and prayer requests. Even among the so-called “hardcore witchcraft” private study groups, this current continues full-force and yet totally unacknowledged.

    In short, it blows.

    There is a new secret FB group forming, one helmed by Gray Witches (don’t even get me started on the whole Black/White magic dichotomy) who have been booted from one of these Hardcore™ witchcraft groups for their refusal to go with flow. I have been invited, and I am hopeful that things will be better there.

  • Ivy Vanian

    This has been on my mind as of late.
    Not only for the men, but for women as well. What lessons do we need to embrace from the divine masculine?
    For those of us who may have had absentee/abusive fathers, many women may need to heal their relationship of the idea of male divinity.
    For the men who want to embrace masculinity in a healthy manner, I think it is important that the pagan community start to put a more equal emphasis on the God alongside the Goddess.
    For a heterosexual woman like myself, the sacred union of the Goddess and the God has always appealed to me; I crave the balance. However, looking back, I can see now that while I was busy discovering my inner Goddess, I was perhaps neglecting to honor my partners, neglecting to celebrate the other half that makes the whole.

  • roberto quintas

    I just puke. This is the result of the “goddess religions” and dianism= an inverse monotheism.