4.6 Physics and Torah tell us creation is vibration—Elohim spoke the world into existence (Genesis 1:3). The universe is a speaking, a vibrating, a singing. This is why we Jews call ourselves Yisrael, not just Godwrestlers—yisra/wrestle El/God—but Godsingers—yashir/sing El/God. We are singing what is even as we wrestle with what might be.

4.7 There can be no song without silence. Music is a dance of notes and rests, otherwise all you have is noise. Elohim is the note. YHVH is the silence. The two are complements in a greater nonduality.

4.8 When Moses asks to know God’s Name, God’s essence, God replies, Ehyeh asher Ehyeh—not the static “I am that I am” so many English Bibles offer us, but the dynamic “I am becoming what I am becoming.” Even God doesn’t know where creativity will flow. God is always in a state of wonder and amazement and surprise. The closer you move to awakening to God, in God, as God, the more you too are in a state of wonder, amazement, and surprise.

4.9 YHVH is what is becoming. There is no “now” in Judaism only an ever emerging spontaneous, surprising and surprisingly creative “next.”