4 Two Jews, Three Opinions

We Jews love to argue. We argue with ourselves, with one another, and even with God. We value argument over faith, and doubt over belief. Ours is a tribe of inquiry. When we argue over our story we never ask, “What does it mean?” Instead we ask, “What could it mean?” And as soon as one of us tells us what it could mean, another of us asks, “What else could it mean?” For us misreading Torah in order to yield ever–more meanings is the deepest spiritual practice, one that ignites the imagination and invites dialogue and argument.

We never tire of arguing. That’s why we say, “Two Jews, three opinions.” What tires us, what bores us, are answers. If you are looking for answers, our tribe is not for you. If you are looking to sharpen your questions, or better yet discover new ones, you might find us a good fit.


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