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“Praise”: Haroon Moghul

PraiseI’m standing about six rows back from the Imam, surrounded by mostly Afghan and Pakistani men, and during the very first cycle of the prayer, it hits me.  Here I am, before my Creator, and the sudden awareness isn’t in my mind.  It’s in my heart, where it should be, leaving me overawed and reduced.  Each verse of the opening chapter of the Qur’an began to make that much more sense."All praise is due to God, Lord of all the Worlds"Our eyes down in the presence of His M … [Read more...]

“FIRST NIGHT OF RAMADAN”: A Poem by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

A single stone is thrown inand the canyon resounds with the hallelujahs of angels A single breath contains theknown and unknown universes Back behind edgelessspace are motions that vibrate the heart Back behind ancient mountains andhistorical intricacies a shadow gives way to Light that has adoor in it to let us through We take no step thatdoesn’t bring us n … [Read more...]