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“Ramadan Unplugged”: Baraka

Ramadan posts by Baraka (Rickshaw Diaries – the N-Judah train through San Francisco on Monday morning, every coffee shop we rumbled past had lines out the door; people waiting groggily for a cup of our second biggest import to jump-start their day.It’s freeing not to think about sustenance. Don’t get me wrong - I love food: as soon as one meal finishes I start thinking about the next; and if I step out the door for even a brief errand I bring a … [Read more...]

“The Joy of Fasting”: A Ramadan Poem by Baraka

Ramadan posts by Baraka(Rickshaw Diaries – Joy of Fasting“Ramadan has come to live with us. It is God’s private apartments moved into our house and taking over.Where the doors were are now entranceways into His Garden. Where windows were are continuous waterfalls. Abundance in thedryness. Hidden in the dust: clusters of roses. Sprung from our footsteps: ascents.”- Excerpt from “Ramadan House Guest” by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moor … [Read more...]