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Between the Layers: How to Make Burek (Recipe Included!)

Between the Layers: How to Make BurekLina Sergie AttarOn a hot August afternoon, I was in the kitchen planning a Ramadan iftar. The act of preparing a dish is as much about memory as tasting it. My personal memories involve making burek. Although this tradition stems from my paternal Turkish great-grandmother, the top burek chef in my family is my mother. Burek, is a pastry made of thin layers of dough that holds any variety of fillings: cheese; spinach; meat; the possibilities … [Read more...]

Ramadan and Nutrition- Preventing Booty Jiggle

Rida Wali-MunifThe month of Ramadan is here.The super organized amongst us have a stock pile samosas and kebabs in the freezer while the rest of us have located the nearest mithai (sweets) shop for jalaybees (fried sweet batter soaked in sugar syrup), parathas, samosas (fried bread stuffed with vegetables or meat),  and other “necessities” of Ramadan.On the other hand, many of us are hoping to lose weight this month. Thinking that not eating and drinking during the day will resu … [Read more...]