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Do I have to axe?

There are a number of people in the news lately accidentally shooting themselves in the foot, or in the butt, or accidentally shooting whomever is next in line at the grocery store.  Then of course we have some orange-haired joker going off on Batman with real 3D effects.  Whenever this sort of thing happens outside of Texas, it seems to prompt people to start talking about gun control again.One thing you have to understand is that here in Texas, we teach 'abstinence only' sex education.  Tha … [Read more...]

Texas turnaround

Given Texas' reputation for politicization of education, I really must acknowledge an historic moment -especially given the absurdities of the recently released Republican Party Platform for this state.  Earlier this week, the Texas State Board of Education voted -unanimously- to reject creationist submissions, and teach evolution as a central and vital aspect of biology.  Having once testified before this board myself in darker times, this move strikes me as a very encouraging improvement over o … [Read more...]

AronRa vs Pastor Bob Enyart

On Thursday, November, 10th 2011, I was interviewed by pastor Bob Enyart on a Christian radio talk show with the ironic name of Real Science Friday. The interview was aired in three parts. We continued that conversation a week later, and that one was aired in four parts.As is often the case in any live discussion of this topic, we both cited points in our favor which the other side was unable to examine or verify on the fly.  We both made several claims relating to scientific research, and … [Read more...]

In the Elevator at TAM 2012

Guest Post by Aron's Wife I am not exactly sure what the key thing is that unites people attending The Amazing Meeting. I know that I enjoy hanging out with other skeptically inclined people, and more often than not they self-identify as atheists. At the same time, I am aware that TAM also welcomes Christian skeptics and skeptics of different stripes. Although I haven't met a Christian skeptic at the two events I have attended, it could happen! Even though not all of the differently … [Read more...]

How do you define truth? How do you determine it?

This was my one-on-one conversation with ‘Randy’, the deeply-indoctrinated creationist whom I met while he was protesting the Reason Rally.  Yes, he was protesting reason.  So it is not surprising that he seemed to have no education in science, and no understanding of the applications of logic, or the fallacies thereof.  It seems he has never had his blinkered world-view challenged either.  He is a minion of Ray Comfort’s, and a disciple of Kent Hovind, and he still says that they are honest and … [Read more...]

Compelling your pledge of allegiance to a flag…

Guest blog by Aron's wife.And to a Republic for which the flag standsWhich people insist is one nation under GodWho is for most people mutually exclusiveAs a public school teacher I am required by the state to lead the pledge every school day. As an American atheist, this daily pledge is a reminder that however indivisible our country pledges it is; nothing divides a people like religion. Although it irks me to lead the pledge, I am mandated to do it, and it wouldn't accomplish anything … [Read more...]