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Haeckeling creationists

One of the more irritating arguments in the 'crevo' controversy are the lies of equivocation.  The game is played by a creationist pretending to be objective -when he and we all know he is not- while projecting all of his own logical fallacies onto the science-minded, who of course do not share any of those flaws. Typically that game has the creationist telling some or all of the following lies:*Evolution is a religion.*Science relies on faith just like religion does.*Science is biased … [Read more...]

A Mammoth Wager

There is one more thing I need Bob Enyart to be aware of before he posts his final submission to our debate, because this is going to matter, and he should know that he'll have to address this particular point or it will cost him.Now I don't really expect him to honestly concede EVERYTHING he got wrong in our debate.  He's a pastor.  Think about it.  Having to admit that you lied -about everything- to all those people in the pews who've been paying your bills for all these years!?  It's unt … [Read more...]

Open letter to Bob Enyart

Three weeks ago, I posted a notice about the online debate I've been having with Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church.  There hasn't been much direct communication between us since this thing began.  One of his minions occassionally checks the boards for messages, and recently relayed a notice from Bob.   He says he is about to post his 6th submission -nearly two months after my last one to him.  The only reason I mention that is whenever I have taken more than a couple weeks to reply to him, … [Read more...]

Academic Study of Atheists

I'm sure I'm not the only one here on FtB participating in the academic study of atheists conducted by the sociology department of Berkeley University.  I just want to share my answers to their questionnaire.Background Questions:1. Were you raised atheist or did you have a religious upbringing of some sort?I was raised in an exclusively creationist environment.  Most of my family were country redneck Christians of no particular denomination.  Many never read the Bible and never se … [Read more...]

Your great exponential grandfather

P.Z. Myers and I first became acquainted with each other many years ago through a Usenet group called Talk.Origins.  My wife suggested that a couple of those all-but-forgotten articles should be revived and posted on my blog.  OK honey, whatever you say.  One of the two I would like to show is from the 4th of July 2002 that was awarded Post-of-the-Month.  Amusingly, my wife  found out after reading the post  that it had already been referenced just last year, right here on FtB, byStephen " DarkS … [Read more...]

Time to ascend

I don't often promote these events, especially when it seems like everyone knows about it already, but at the moment, I just want to think about good things I can look forward to.On Labor Day weekend, August 31st thru September 3rd,  three weeks from now,  I will be in Denver Colorado for the Ascent of Atheism.  I have been invited to join in a panel between Seth Andrews of the Thinking Atheist and Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Experience.  With Seth's years in radio, and Matt's years on tel … [Read more...]

Don’t read this if you’re a Misogynist, MRA, Feminazi, Femistazi, FTBully, Rape Apologist…

By Aron's wife...Groupthinker, Troll, Person Blinded by Privilege, Leg-Chewer, and especially if you are Thunderf00t (that's honestly a joke TF).  Do read this if you are tired of reading vitriol, and would genuinely like to know whether our community really feels welcome to women.Sometimes labels are a useful shorthand for having a nominal understanding of a topic you are not familiar with. For example, people frequently refer to me as Asian because of what I look like. In a lot of ways … [Read more...]