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Flintstones Archaeology

My presentation to the Humanists of Houston, 2013/02/16, recorded by Steve Jordan and Vic Wang. of my references came from this creationist website: probably should have mentioned here how there was never any unfossilized original biological material, and certainly no undecomposed blood cells confirmed found in any non-avian dinosaurs.  If anyone wants to contest me on that, here is a link to where Pastor Bob … [Read more...]

Why did I think I could watch this video about Fish Tongue Eating Isopods?

Warning! Do not be fooled by the cartoon fish.It is not for the squeamish. to Meg of The Thinking Atheist for the scare...This is Meg with a video for you to share the next time one of your friends starts in about how a god must have made the world because look at the pretty trees and blue sky and rainbows and baby animals and whatnot.This is the Cymothoa exigua, otherwise known as the tongue-eating louse.If … [Read more...]

Showing Solidarity with Black Nonbelievers when you aren’t Black

Last weekend, Aron and I went to a presentation about the history of Black Freethought by Alix Jules hosted by Houston Oasis.  Right now the Houston Atheists boast the largest group of freethinkers in Texas with a population of 2,078.Salute!We happen to know Alix from being members of DFW's Fellowship of Freethought the largest group of freethinkers in Dallas at 1,127.  If you have never heard of him, he is in charge of DFWCOR Diversity Council.We happened to be in Houston because Aro … [Read more...]

The North Texas Secular Convention

'Activate Your Activism' was my speech at UT Dallas last Saturday. is my report on how the Religious Right continues to undermine education in Texas. … [Read more...]

Texas’ cryptozoology conferences

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy is sponsoring an all day event -from 9:00am to 7:00pm Saturday March 16th at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  Not kidding.As a former sasquatch myself, (Luna, New Mexico 1988) I'm really surprised that I wasn't asked to speak at this convention.  Especially since there really haven't been that many Fauke monsters in these parts since the Legendary Boggy Creek incident of 1972.  But also because I also happen to be an activist advocating reason and ra … [Read more...]

If he’s serious, he’s seriously insane

Is it merely an irrational assumption?  Or a deeply disturbing delusion? would you reason with this guy?  Could you?I can't help but imagine a waterphone playing in the background as he whispers.I often wonder about people like this. Did his religion drive him crazy?Or is he religious because he's already crazy? … [Read more...]

Pope Palpatine

I'm gonna miss the old sith lord.  He was the best pope atheists could hope for. He started out as a Hitler youth actually wearing a Nazi uniform.  As a Cardinal, he famously conspired to conceal sex crimes against children for the sake of the church.  As pope, he addressed an audience in an AIDS ravaged area of Africa, and told them that use of condoms actually increased risk of STDs.  His objection to birth-control took precedence over human life.  That is how evil he is.  Maybe after he is no … [Read more...]

If you’re in Dallas this weekend…

JT Eberhard will open the North Texas Secular convention this afternoon. Brian (Mr Deity) Dalton will be on at 8:00pm.  I will speak at 9:00am tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  Several good speakers are there, Greta Christina, Jerry DeWitt, Zack Kopplin, David Smalley of DogmaDebate, and Brother Sam Singleton, the Atheist Evangelist -to name a few.  It's a relatively cheap conference, ($35.00 at most) on the UT Dallas campus.  So if you're around, come on down. … [Read more...]

another Godless documentary

This is not the same 'Godless' as the documentary made by Staise Gonzalez.  It's a different piece with the same name.A couple years ago, a Canadian film crew came to record our Fellowship of Free Thought meeting for a documentary on atheists.  We skipped Skepticon that year to be involved.  I didn't feel it appropriate or necessary to be interviewed, but my wife did.  Until then, she had never spoken out as an atheist before.  At that time, she was afraid of being recognized by her faculty o … [Read more...]