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50th Anniversary of American Atheists

Tomorrow we're heading down to Austin for the national convention of American Atheists.  I'm really stoked about this weekend.  I love Austin, and overall, I'm happy to represent that organization particularly in this state, and especially in that town, where it all began fifty years ago. … [Read more...]

Someone advertising his ignorance of how science works

A couple weeks ago, I got a few emails from someone betting me $10.000.00 that I couldn't prove evolution before a hand-picked Superior court judge.  I said that I could actually.  However there was a catch.  I had to put up $10,000.00 of my own money, and risk that to bypass -and ignore- the peer review process, in order to have evolution proven to a single person rather than a consensus of experts.  This guy wants an environment where I am at the most disadvantaged, in that evidence cannot be p … [Read more...]

Should I give them a Bigfoot sighting?

I'm trying to talk myself out of going to the Bigfoot Believers conference today, (Saturday).  It would be such a waste of time and money.  Plus imagine the sort of granola required to make up that audience.  But morbid curiosity and my desire to be an asshole to gullabelievers are beckoning.  I couldn't help but destroy the Q&A by dissing their beloved wookie monster.  It also bugs me that they could have an event that silly in the Forth Worth Convention Center of all places.  I didn't think … [Read more...]

Michael Nugent on choosing not to make a jerk of yourself.

Nugent suggests 8 choices that he thinks may help move the secular community beyond the rifts that have developed. I blame Rebecca Watson! You know she will inevitably be blamed anyways, so now that that is out of the way. (joking, of course)  I do attempt to do everything he has listed when I discuss controversial topics anyways.  It is important to me to try to not come off like a jerk.  I realize there are personalities especially online that that is their shtick   It is also important to real … [Read more...]

What’s in a name?

This weekend, I went to NAPCON, the 2nd annual convention of the National Atheist Party.  While there, I mentioned that the party should change their name to the American Secular Party.  Most of those attendance seemed receptive to that idea, but not everyone.  The most resistance came from Justin Light, the representative from California.  Initially we intended have a formal debate of this topic right there at the South San Francisco Convention Center, but we ran out of time.  So we decided to d … [Read more...]

Should the National Atheist Party change their name?

While I am proud to be associated with the National Atheist Party, that name is in conflict with our core value as atheists.  Because we are among the greatest defenders of the separation of church and state, we know that perspectives on religion should not be politicized.  Atheism should no more be equated with a political party than the Christian party or the Muslim party.  None of us can speak for all of us, and as a collective, we really don't have much in common.  Politically we're all over … [Read more...]

Bouncing around the weekend

Since PZ posted about his hiking trip, I guess I'll share my trip too.  At the last minute, my wife found that she was able to join me in California.  This required that she take a different flight on another airline, one that changed planes in Las Vegas.  That meant that I had to change my flight so that I route through Vegas too, which meant that I had to have a two day layover at the Luxor hotel.  I'm not sure how my wife makes these logical deductions, but I try not to argue.My dad le … [Read more...]

The National Atheist Party political convention

The National Atheist Party first approached me at the Reason Rally, asking if I would represent them in some way.  Originally their convention was supposed to be in Boston just shortly before the presidential election.  That would have been great -speaking at a political rally in New England when the political environment was at its most charged.  However that event had been relocated to the other side of the continent and rescheduled for this weekend.Over the last several months, I've he … [Read more...]