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Responding to CognitiveFaith

I happened across a blog which criticized me for saying that empirical scientists and rational skeptics care more about truth than religious believers do.Interesting thought.  Especially since Mr. Ra also believes that those who believe in God have no interest in the truth.  But is the truth rational skeptics, as Mr. Ra identifies himself as, care about the whole and complete truth, or is any partial truth ok?  Or is it that since, in Mr. Ra’s estimation, Christians have no real care for the … [Read more...]

C- [creation] rap on Dogma Debate

Creationists are typically pretty wriggly and hard to pin down. So when I argue with them, I don't often get the 'corner-and-kill' moment. I usually can't get them into that position where it becomes obvious to all listeners that the quarry knows he was caught in a lie. It's always interesting when your opponent realizes that he can't defend his position, and is forbidden to concede some academic point that was clearly lost, but escape isn't possible either because you won't let him change the … [Read more...]

Blasphemy in Bangladesh

I'm just relaying a tragic story. Hundreds of thousands of activists gathered in Dhaka Bangladesh last Friday, protesting against blasphemy laws and the severe penalty associated with them."Atheists must be hanged" shouted scores of armed Islamists who descended on the demonstration, assisted by local police. Violence erupted with cudgel canes and rubber bullets. Dozens of people were killed or maimed in an attack by the religion of peace. Ironically the activists were only protesting … [Read more...]

If you are up for a protest of Ken Ham; he will be in Texas promoting Creationism to homeschoolers

Ken Ham was asked by the Texas Home School Coalition, the most prominent home school lobby in Texas, to speak at their convention on Aug 1 through 3. While I agree with the right to home school, if it is done by parents, who are educated in the subject they are teaching, or if they aren't, have access to certified teachers through online public schools or home school co-ops. I don't agree with homeschooling being abused to mislead children about the science behind evolution.I am not exactly s … [Read more...]

Why do atheists have to be so mean? Podcast Today 5/5 with Actress Hayley Myers, Tom Melchiore, and NAP’s Flash Kellish and Sheila Blackadder

Specifically why doesn't anyone want to ally with us, even other secularists sometimes?  We're like red headed stepchildren; we can't do anything right for a lot of people. We will also be discussing atheist vitriol to each other on The Nones . It is approaching toxic levels on the topic of feminism. Hayley wants to be a more vocal atheist, and she will be sharing her experiences growing up as an atheist in the Midwest.  She 's an actress who appeared in The Ides of March. Shayrah, Aron, and  … [Read more...]

The Struggle for a Fully Secular Iceland

I've become rather interested in Icelandic politics of late. The following article was written by fellow humanist, Dr. Svanur Sigurbjörnsson, and sent to me at the request of Thor Viðar Jónsson, director of, the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association.[Edit: Thor is NOT the director of, Hope Knutsson is. Thor asked me to correct that.]Dr. Sigurbjörnsson says he is now in a group with the Pagans (Asatruarfelag) and Bhuddists to continue the fight for separation of ch … [Read more...]